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Must-Know Facebook Privacy Setting For Parents

Parents generally are not aware of with the Facebook privacy settings but a few in particular that are not tech-savvy at all. Having the less information to the parents regarding privacy settings of the messenger don’t make them keep an eye on the kid’s Facebook. If you are concerned parents about the privacy of your kids especially on FB instant messaging app, then don’t need to worry I am going to tell you 10 techniques that put your worries to rest about how you can protect kid’s on Facebook.

Things Parent Must know –Facebook Privacy settings

Review your child Privacy settings

Parents should know about the privacy settings of the messenger that are more public for the users. So, they should review kid’s privacy settings on the FB. The social media app protects the general information of the user, but even then parents should run their eyes on the privacy settings made by the kids on instant messenger. They can tight the privacy on kids profile such as “Friends only”.

How to make customize Facebook account?

Parents should know the privacy settings they can make on FB and how they can customize the activities being a user. They can select the friends which they want to be able to see a particular post and other activities.

How to Edit Friend Request settings?

Parents should know that how they can restrict someone to send them a friend request. On the other hand, everyone can send you the friend request. But a user can change the settings and restrict people to send them the friend request through “How you can connect”. Parents can make their profile settings in such a way that your mutual friends and family friends of friends can send you a friend request, but a stranger.

Off Location sharing

FB enable a user to share its location with the people whom they are connected with and then further post it on the timeline what really a user is doing at the moment along with a location. Therefore, users need to know how a user can “off” location sharing activity through privacy settings of the social networking app to the fullest.

Delete posted material

Parents should keep in mind that if they have posted something on the wall of the Facebook then suddenly something has run in the mind. They can even delete the post to the very next few seconds after hover over on the post. This will make parents’ guide their kids and teens if something they have posted accidentally they easily delete the post within no time.

Text otp to 32665 –Parents should know about it

A user can use the public computer if they don’t have the cell phone at the moment. They can send the text to “otp” to 32665 and they will get a one-time password that is enough for 20 minutes. This would be the safest way to use the Facebook app on anyone or public computer.

Don’t Allow FB third-party apps to get information

The social messaging app is the epicenter of plenty of apps such games. Once you are going to use third-party apps via Facebook don’t allow the particular app to get your information. You must know that the FB-third party apps will collect your basic information. It’s up to either you wanted to provide access to the information or not. Telling parents about the particular stuff is that they should know the apps affiliated to the messenger can ask for access to your cell phone device.

Basic of Facebook settings

They should know that how they can remove the offensive or un-ethical comment or post on the wall, un-friend someone or how to block someone and to report to the FB that something is annoying for you or violating the Facebook policies.

Keep an eye on FB updates about default Privacy

It is quite common on FB that it always changes their default privacy settings time to time. Parents need to keep themselves about the settings changed by the FB. This will really make parents tech-savvy. They will get to know, how Facebook works and what are the common things about its privacy settings that are necessary to know?

Fb Monitoring App

FB monitoring Software

Parents need to know that FB account can be monitored. Someone can track anyone’s Facebook profile and the activities a user does on the messenger. All the text messages, audio, and video calls, logs, shared files such as photos and videos and VOICE messages by using the Facebook spy app.


Facebook privacy settings enable parents to know how about the social messaging app. They can guide their kids and teens to use FB messenger in a secure way by using the privacy settings and parents can monitor kid’s activities through cell phone spy software.

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