Windows Live Movie Maker Error 0xC945002D Solution

I have seen many users facing this error with Windows Movie Maker. Last week even I came through this once with a movie on which I worked for three consecutive days and finally when I tried saving the movie, I received an annoying error message saying:

“Sorry, your movie can’t be saved. Find any missing files or remove the unusable items from your project, and then try again. Error: 0xC945002D”


“Do you want to remove my movie.wmv’ from the project? The file might be corrupted or in a format that Movie Maker doesn’t recognize. Error: 0xC945002D”

And all my images and movies in the project appeared with Yellow exclamation mark. I was not able to save the movie on which I worked hard for so longer. Hence I tried doing some research and finally found the solution. So thought to share here as it may help many other users struggling with the same.


In my research I found that problem usually occurs if you have any video files .wmv format in your project.


The only solution that worked for me was to change the .WMV video is AVI and then make some changes in saved project file. Just follow the below steps one by one.

  • First of save your project somewhere on desktop (I’m sure you would have already saved it). The file would be in .wlmp extension.
  • Now download any Video Converter software and covert the WMV file to AVI.
  • Save this AVI file at the same location with the same name where the original WMV file is located.
  • If Windows Movie Maker is running, close it.
  • Now right click your movie maker SAVED (wlmp) project in notepad++ and change the file extension under “MediaItems section.”. Check these images for more help:

  • It should be now like this:

Now Double click your saved project to open Windows Movie Maker and save the video.

That’s it. Hopefully you won’t be getting that error message anymore.

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