How to install Samsung TouchWiz 5 Launcher on all JellyBean smartphones

In this short guide I am going to show you how you can go ahead with installing Samsung TouchWiz 5 launcher in your any non Samsung device. Now the only requirement here is that you need a Jellybean Smartphone for the same. It is not going to work in any other. I had tested this launcher working well in Jellybean device and it will surely give you amazing output. Samsung TouchWiz is one of the best launcher available. Unfortunately it is only optimized for Samsung devices. But now it is possible to use it on other devices also. Like on HTC, Sony phones. And even on other like Micromax, LAVA, etc.

I am going to give you a custom download of the same. You have to download the file and follow the steps to get it on your phone. This launcher is provided by a XDA Developer. So you can image to have amazing Galaxy S4 screen on your existing phone with new features added in the same. The feature consist of a basic home screen transition appear when you lock/unlock the screen.

There is app drawer also available in the same. The update comes with additional feature that makes it really useful in usage. And surely you are going to enjoy this new touch screen interface. The launched is capable for working with all new applications which are going to be installed in your system. The launcher offers you system apps with it so that you can configure your controls more easily and effectively. The launcher has an edit option included in it. So that you can remove what you don’t want. And you can also add things which you are using frequently. I will not say that this is the perfect launcher but it is near to perfect. You can arrange the apps in alphabetical order and customize it any other way you want. You can make your own drawer page as per your need. It is possible hide apps also. To use the same you will have to root your device. Or else it is not going to work. That is a bad news. This is a custom launcher which is taken from Galaxy S4 and it will need the full rights to control apps and various things in the phone.

So if your phone is not rooted then you can avoid the setup. Or else you can go ahead with installing it. You will get the download from below link which will take you to XDA thread. There is different resolution available there. You have to choose the right one. For example for Galaxy Nexus you have to go ahead with XHDPI version which offers a maximum 720p output. In the same way for the lower one is LDPI that gives works for 240×320 and for MDPI that work for 240×320. Try to navigate properly for the right resolution or else the launcher will not work.

Now before moving ahead it is better to check on which devices this launcher works well. For Samsung devices this is exceptional. It is obviously going to work well. For Sony you can go ahead with devices like Xperia Arc, Xperia S, Xperia Pro, Xperia Neo, Xpeia Play, Xperia P, Xperia S, Xperia Z, Xperia Ray & T. And also on Xperia Min or Pro. For LG you can test this on Optimus G, Optimus 4X HD, Nexus 4, Optimus Black, Optimus LTE and Optimus II. And for HTC this launcher will work well on One X/X+, One V & S.


  • Download Galaxy X4 TouchWiz 5 Launcher. The launcher is provided on the basis of different device resolution. Download the one which fits your screen well.
  • Take a full phone backup via Nandroid. It is essential because if the launcher does not work fine or if you do not like it then you can restore the phone. Also take backup of your essential phone data.
  • Ensure that your phone must have 50% or higher battery left. It should not get drained during the process.
  • Root your Device. This will not work unless the device is rooted.
  • Your device just has Android 4.1 or Android 4.2 Jellybean OS. It will not work in the lower version
  • Your device must have a Custom Recovery installed. If you want you can download ClockWorkMod CWM Touch Recovery from here.

TouchWiz 5 Launcher Installation method:

  • Once you got the right version of Galaxy X4 TouchWiz 5 Launcher download it. It is essential that you must choose the same on the basis of screen resolution you have. If you go ahead with any other then it might not work well.
  • Copy the zip file in your SD card.
  • Turn off your mobile phone. Restart the phone in recovery mode. You can try the same via CWM or you can go ahead with the regular recovery mode by pressing the volume down + home + power.
  • From the recovery menu hit wipe cache and dalvik cache before moving ahead.
  • Once done you are in recovery model then choose install from zip.
  • Choose the launcher zip file and move ahead. The setup will take some time and done. It is now installed.


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