How to enable Double Tap Wakeup on any Android device – No Root

Double Tap is feature we first saw in LG G2 smartphone. It is very convenient way to wake up our phone’s screen. No matter if the phone is locked, you get quick access to notifications by just double tapping on the display. Do you have this feature in your Android smartphone? Nope? Not a problem.

With just a small APK installation, you get Double Tap feature on any of your smartphone or tablet. Please note, this is just not a Double Tap. You get a lot of gesture and feature with this APK. You can assign the double whether just to wake up the screen or to unlock the phone, you can swipe left (on the locked screen) to open any particular app, swipe right for other app and so on. There are more than 10 gestures you can apply.

The best part is, you dont even need to Root your phone. Yeah, you read it correct. No Root access required. Just an APK installation like other apk apps, and done. You can uninstall it any time you want. Let’s find out how does all this works.


  • Any Android device running Kitkat 4.4 and Above
  • Download DoubleTapScreen App from Download Center.

Installation, Settings and Usage:

Since the app is not available on PlayStore, you will need to download the APK from the provided source. Assuming you have already downloaded the app, let’s move ahead.

  • First go to phone Settings > Security and allow ‘Unknown Sources’ installation by checking the associated box
  • Tap the APK to start installation. Complete it.

Once done, launch ‘Tap Screen On/Off’ from app drawer. You will see the following screen.

Now tap on the first option, i.e. Double Tap. You will see a list of apps and options to select from. Assign ‘Screen On’ from the list if you want to wake up the screen on Double Tap. Or Select Unlock.

  • Similarly there many more options below ‘Double Tap’ such as swipe left, swipe right, clockwise circle, etc. You can assign whatever you want to do by performing those gestures. There are many more options in this applications that you may find useful. Have a look:

Here is the Tutorial video and features of this app.


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