How to fix the watch face auto shift in ‘Always On’ mode on LG G Watch R

Many users must have noticed if they are using LG G Watch R in the dimmed “Always On Mode” their watch faces shift a bit slightly and it again go back in the center if the face completely light up. So if you are thinking you are alone noticing this then you are wrong because there are many people who has noticed it. You must have also observe some faces that they are very horrible so by utilizing “Always On” display in order to enjoy your watch face. The only thing which spoil the experience is the white unwanted border. I would also like to inform you that there is no way to turn off this feature but there is way where you can compensate it.

All the custom faces are square shaped image file where the G Watch R is round. The custom face which has a black background must be used on this device because when the watch face will shift slightly then it will not be much noticeable. But if your watch face is white and also don’t have border then you can go with it. The watch face which you find in Facer or may be any other sharing site and you like it really want to have it so it will be a problem to fix it. In this case you need to extract the image from .zip or .face file then edit it from Photo Shop and then replace the white part with the black.

To open .zip file is very easy as it open in any achieve software but .face file only open in 7-zip so if you are not able to open .face extension file then you can change it to .zip. In the images folder you will find all the images for watch faces but your concentration should be only on main which which will be the largest file in terms of bytes. The main file will not have any extension so it will be difficult opening it but you can give the extension .jpg but I have noticed that in Paint Shop the file is not opening. But I have done a practical job I found that it is opening successfully in free open source software GIMP if you don’t change the extension as well.

After adding the black background save it to .png file and then replace the image in Facer app or any other app which you are using. I know it is little bit painful but if really like the face then you will definitely do it. If you want to have transparent background it will also do but in this case any odd colors should not be there at the edges of watch face graphic. So according to my opinion replacing the background with black than crop out a selection and paste it to transparent background is much easy.

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