How to sync Samsung Galaxy S4 contacts, calendar etc with MS Outlook

Samsung Galaxy S4 is an amazing high end phone offering you great features and good style. It has amazing look with ample of unique support that none other reduce in the market offer you. Now this device can act as support for your day to day work. You can now sync it with Outlook. I am going to give you short trips through which you can sync Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Task, Notes, etc to your phone directly when you connect the device to your pc with sub cable.

This is extremely easy. Outlook is a rich mail client which is not limited to mailing only. It has number of advance features. This is the benefit of having a high end Smartphone. Galaxy Note S4 is an android Smartphone offering you the latest Android 4.2.2 support. It provides you a 5inch screen with Gorilla Glass support. This makes it durable. Octa Core CPU is the more than enough to run multiple application at the same time supported by 2GB ram. So here we will know see how you can simply save contact, calendar and task to your Galaxy Phone.

This is possible with the help of Android Sync. This is a new feature. Through Android Sync you can Sync the Outlook with phone and have all the details in your phone. You can also save contacts with photos and categories. You can also sync calendar appointment and task which you recording on the outlook mail client.

Steps to Sync your Galaxy S4 with Android Sync:

  • First download the Android-Sync application.
  • Install that in your computer
  • The next to do for sync is that you have to enable usb debugging in your system. You can do that through Settings > About Device. In that you can find Developer Options. Just enable Debugging option.
  • Once it is done connect your phone to your pc and here you can sync the preferences. You can enable the settings which you need.

That’s all. Whenever you want to sync the contacts and other details in your device you can go ahead with using these applications. This is very easy and simple and you do not have to depend on any other third party application.

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