AidaForm Online Form Builder Review – An Uncomplicated DIY Tool To Create Forms

Trying to build online forms by yourself can be difficult and requires you to know some code in HTML and CSS at very least. The same applies if you want to customize ready-made forms that you find elsewhere.

If you’re looking for a less complicated option – try AidaForm. It is an online form creator designed specifically to make creating forms easy and far more accessible.

“Why AidaForm?”

Undoubtedly the main reason to use AidaForm is how easy it is to create online forms using it. The graphical interface of its online form builder will let you structure forms in exactly the way that you want them by simply dragging and arranging building blocks with the elements that you need.

On top of that it is highly customizable, so you can make sure the forms you create are effective. After the form is created, it can be published on websites, social media, or any other platform without any issues – and without requiring you to write any code at all.


Due to its capabilities, AidaForm will let you create online forms for a variety of different tasks. The forms that you use can be used to capture leads, conduct market research, obtain feedback, or engage with users in other ways.

In short AidaForm will be an invaluable tool to collect data of any kind from websites or other platforms.


The features in AidaForm are designed to make it more versatile, both in terms of customizing the forms that you create as well as incorporating other elements or integration. While its full scope is extensive, some of its more notable features will let you:

  • Use a variety of different templates when creating online forms to act as a base and let you structure the form more quickly.
  • Add a variety of different types of fields to your forms including multiple-choice questions, lists, and more.
  • Place a CAPTCHA field in forms to ensure that the data you collect is sourced from real people and not bots.
  • Use the PayPal integration to process payments.
  • Set up forms so that files can be uploaded and attached along with each submission.
  • Stylize forms with various themes that can be customized further to fit with a website’s design, branding elements, or make it stand out.
  • Publish forms on websites or social media without any other integration required.
  • Analyze the data gathered via your forms using the convenient graphical visualizations in the web interface.
  • Export data in common formats such as Excel documents or Google Sheets so that they can be processed in other software.
  • Take advantage of built-in integration with MailChimp to import email addresses, or Zapier to connect with other apps.


By this point you should be able to see why AidaForm is so unique. Not only is it a user-friendly way to create online forms, but it is potent as well – and the best way for you to truly see what it can do is to give it a try.

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