GearBest Black Friday 2018 Sale – If You Miss It, You Regret It

If you love shopping online, you should not miss this Black Friday sale from Gearbest.

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One of the biggest e-commerce giant of Asia GearBest is back again with its Black Friday Sale offering massive discounts on almost all shopping categories for all ages. Trust me when i say, this year’s Black Friday sale is the biggest ever event from GearBest and hence if you miss it, you will regret it.

It is a huge event starting from November 14th upto December 3, three weeks of Thanksgiving celebrations sale offering you deals you and discounts on all products which you won’t want to let go. They have also provided you this very important guide using which you can make the best out of your shopping. To make it more easier shopping, GearBest has separated the Black Friday deals into categories and sections like Flash Sale, Pre-Order Sales, etc. They also have a section called ‘Battle of the Brands’ which is very helpful for brand-conscious customers. Along with discounted prices, there’s further discounts on cart value and Paypal payment as well. Let’s check out the deals in more detail:

GearBest Flash Sale:

GearBest Black Friday Flash Sale

You can see how they have separated the categories into dates, like Outdoor Toys, Home Appliances, Computer and Office Gear, etc. Apart from that, can you see the discounts they are offering in this flash sale? Mi A2 is available at just $199.99 while its original Price is $304. Similarly, they are offering Redmi Note 5 at just $189.99 while its price is $270 and Amazfit Pace 2 Smartwatch at just $159 while its cost is $233.There are bunch of such deals and discount you can check here at this GearBest Black Friday 2018 page.

GearBest Pre-Order Sales:

GearBest Pre-Order Sale

This is something very interesting deal GearBest has offered to the customers. Also known as ‘Deposit Expansion’, under this Pre-Order Sales category, every product are already on discounted prices, but if you choose to make a small advance deposit, it brings you some more extra discount. It simply increases the worth value of your deposit. As its name says  ‘Pre-Order”, you need to put some deposit in advance, and when you make the final payment later, you get extra discount.

For example, you looking to buy a Xiaomi Redmi 6 phone which is listed at $149.99. If you keep just $10 advance, it will make its worth of $40. And you will get the phone at just $109.99 (i.e. $149.99 – $40). Under this Pre-Order sale, you have several product categories such as Phones, Tablets, Powerbanks, Watches, etc.

GearBest Fashion Sale:

GearBest Fashion Sale

Winters are the best time for grooming, and so you can call this GearBest event your best grooming partner. They have brought you the best ever discounts you can avail at your favorite styles. From Jackets to Shoes, Watches to Caps, everything is on heavy discounts. That’s not all. When you make your cart for $50, you further get extra $15 discount.

GearBest Battle of the Brands:

GearBest Battle of the Brands

GearBest has tried their best to simplify this Black Friday sales for everyone. Along with categorizing and separating every products for easy search process, they have also introduced a section for Brand conscious customers, called ‘Battle of the Brands’. I really do like it because i only buy Samsung products, while my wife choose Xiaomi always. Here, this section comes very handy.

Apart from this benefit, it will also help people to know new brands as well. For instant, its been not much time since people started to know what is Xiaomi and Huawei in countries like India. Similarly, very few people know Cubot. But when you come to this Black Friday sale, not only you will know new Brands but also check all their product categories. This section also helps to learn what all is available in a particular product and we get to see their all at one place.

Special Deals of the Week:

GearBest Weekly Deals

Since GearBest has divided the deals into 3 super weeks, next deal is starting from November 21st to November 26th which brings some super deals you wont wanna miss. Such as $100 off over $500. Mi Box S @ $55.99 (first 300 units daily), OnePlus 6T @ $299.99, Xiaomi Mi8 @$199.99. First 10 units daily Nov 23-24, Mi Band 3 @ $9.99. First 200 units daily Nov 25-26 (10:00 UTC). $3 off over $30 (Only for Consumer Electronics category). Apart from what you see in the picture above, there’s lots more to get in next few days of this week.


We do come across some weeks in a year with super discounts on online shopping, and being a shopping maniac i keep searching for the same. But this Black Friday 2018 sale from GearBest is one of the biggest shopping event i have come across on wide range of selection. Along with so many offers and heavy discounts, they are further offering $15 Off on Cart value of $50, plus you get extra $5 off when you make payment through PayPal. That’s $20 Off on shopping of $50. WoW. So, if you are like me, shopping maniac, you just cannot afford to miss this deal.

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