How to install Android 4.4 Kitkat in HTC Explorer Manually

HTC Explorer is an old device that still not got any Android OS update. This phone came with Gingerbread which limits the functionality. In this guide I am going to show you how you can add Android Kitkat 4.4 Rom on HTC Explorer. This is a custom rom that works nicely. There is no performance issue nor there problem in the output. You can apply this custom firmware and it works really well. But remember that this process void the phone warranty. There can be risk if you do not follow my instructions properly. You must go step by step to get the proper output. Android Kitkat 4.4 is a latest edition offering more flexible features, battery optimization and fast output. So by adding this on HTC Explorer you can use your phone in a better way.

This new custom rom gives you a CM based output. It has tons of new tweaks and fixes that increase the phone features. Also the battery life is boosted so that you can use the phone for longer time. The rom comes with Multi Window and Active Display feature. You can also customize the lock screen. The rom has widget carousel, slider Shortcuts, static lock screen shortcuts and option to manage LCD Density.


  • The process requires rooting and we are going to flash the existing phone image. So better go ahead with full data backup. You can use HTC Sync Manager for the same.
  • You can also download and test third party app for the same purpose.
  • Enable usb debugging. You can find that under Settings > More > Development Options.
  • Charge your phone too fully. You must have more than 80% of battery left.
  • The process requires rooting. If the phone is not rooted then don’t move ahead. Root it first and then only go ahead with the rom installation. You can verify the same through root checker app.
  • Download the KitKat Custom ROM.
  • Download Google Apps Package.
  • Download ROM manager app in your phone from Google Play.
  • SD Card with more than 400MB of space

Installation Process:

We will now move ahead with the process of this rom installation. I hope you had followed the above requirements properly.

  • Copy the downloaded KitKat Custom ROM & Google Apps Package in the SD card of your mobile phone. And insert it in the phone.
  • Run Rom manager application. This app will help you to boot the phone in recovery mode. Tap on the same and restart your phone.
  • From Recovery mode choose Install from SD Card. Here choose the Rom Firmware file first. Let the process go. This will take some time. Once it is over go back on the same menu and choose Google Apps Package as well.
  • The process will take some time. Ensure the phone is not interrupted in between. The installation process might go slowly.

Once it is over you can go back in the settings to check out the firmware edition. Tap on Settings and then check in About Phone. Test out the firmware version.

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