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Microsoft Parchi APK – Quick notes & lists taking App

Microsoft Garage today launched a new app called ‘Parchi’. Based on a Hindi name Parchi (pur-chih) which means small pieces of paper for taking quick/short notes, the app lets you take colorful notes quickly on the go with hashtag that lets you search notes quickly. You can add lists, picture notes, text, etc. Another interesting feature of Parchi is it can also be accessed from the lock screen. Simply select “Pin to Lockscreen” while saving the notes.

Set reminders for the notes, add check list, mark it as favorite, quickly access Tags from the menu to find each notes or list having that particular tags, and do lots more. Set custom colors for each notes as well as share it via whatsapp, skype, facebook, mail, etc instantly. Parchi is a perfect app to capture every small piece of information on the go. There’s also no need to define a structure while taking note, just jot it down. Here is the list of features Parchi offers:

  • Add inline or use the #tag UI
  • Take notes from the lock-screen, remove it or add it back
  • Reminders, Colored notes, Mark as favorite or Pin to lock-screen
  • Quick search through the hamburger, #tags, text and various filters
  • Share a single or multiple notes over WhatsApp, Email, SMS, or any other app of your choice
  • Backup your notes so that you never lose them even if you uninstall the app or change phones

Parchihas very clean and user-friendly UI with complete Material Design. You can download it from PlayStore or simply download the APK right away from here.

Microsoft Parchi APKDownload Parchi APK | Download from PlayStore

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