Download Android Remix OS 2.0 and USB Tool Official

Remix OS‘ has been the attraction for Tech enthusiasts since a couple of weeks since its release date was approaching near. Remix OS is an Android-based operating system that installs on your Flash Drive (Pendrive) and works with any desktop or laptop. No matter if you are using Windows or Mac OS, just install the Remix OS on your pendrive and boot it with any computer to turn it in Android Computer.

Since we are using it with Bootable USB driver, of course, it doesn’t effects your existing system, not at all. Based on the Android-x86 project, Remix OS 2.0 brings all-new multitasking experience on the Android operating system. Compared to any high-end Android smartphones running Android, your PC obviously has 10 times more power specification. So, you can imagine what would be the performance level when you use the Android on your computer.

Remix OS doesn’t require any special requirement. You just need to have a A USB 3.0 flash drive that supports FAT32 format, with a minimum capacity of 8GB and a recommended writing speed of 20MB/s. And a computer with USB legacy boot option. That’s all. Now if you want to use Android on your existing computer, just follow the steps provided here [Remix OS Installation and Usage Guide]. You can also check the above Video tutorial showing the same so that you can understand it better.

So, what are you waiting for? If you love Android, you must try out Remix OS. Just go ahead, download the Remix OS iOS file and the Remix USB Tool from the link provided below and enjoy the fasted Android ever with best Multi-tasking experience.

Android emulators come in handy when you need to run Android OS on your PC. Whether you are a gamer or an app developer, you might need to use a large screen for extended working or gaming sessions.

As Remix OS emulates the entire operating system, you can install any apps from the Android ecosystem on your desktop computer or laptop.

There are plenty of similar solutions for various operating systems, but if you want to find the best Android emulator for Windows 10 visit

Remix OS emulator can perfectly cope with any task. Unfortunately, it was discontinued in 2016, so it won’t be upgraded in the future. However, just like other emulators, it can run .apk files on your host operating system. This way, you can test and debug Android applications using a device with a large screen.

The main idea behind Remix OS was to make Android applications more accessible. Jide released it to help PC users run Android apps. The key advantage of Remix OS is that it allows users to run applications in easy-to-resize windows, which makes this option perfect for multitaskers. If you don’t need to use one of the apps running on your device, you can easily collapse its window and switch to another task.

People often compare Remix OS to other operating systems as it has comparable functionality with Chrome OS, OS X or even Windows 10. Similarly to the latter, it comes with gesture support. Remix OS is a great free solution for those who need to use tablets or convertible laptops. It has an intuitive user interface with large icons and convenient on-screen menus.

Thanks to Remix, you can get instant access to all Android applications. This OS is especially useful for people who own Surface Pro laptops and want to use both a mobile OS and Windows 10. While many recent apps might be too slow on budget Android tablets and smartphones, Remix OS 2.0 can run all of them at high speed. For instance, if your laptop is fitted with an Intel 4-core Core i7 CPU, Remix will deliver 3x faster performance than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 and similar smartphones.

Many Android emulators were created with gamers in mind, but you can download and install any other app available in the Google Play Store. If you want to bring Android applications to the large screen, there is no easier way to do it. Besides using Remix for playing games and testing apps, you can emulate Android to run Instagram on your desktop computer. It’s a perfect OS for designers and creative professionals who post photos and videos on social networks.

If you have an old laptop, you can boot Remix OS from your USB port and use your device for streaming media content from Netflix and Spotify. Android versions of many popular programs are free, which means that, thanks to Remix, you can use Microsoft Office and other similar products without paying a dime. While users reported occasional bugs on some devices, Remix is an amazing OS that will help you boost your productivity.

Download Remix OS 2.0 | Download USB Tool

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