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Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 for Android and iOS

Marvel Entertainment has launched the sequel of its popular Avengers Alliance game, called as ‘Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2’ for iOS and Android devices. It is the turn based team role playing game where we as the player have to level up our heroes and make an ultimate team to fight the enemies. The game also allows us to customize each characters with special abilities.

Avengers Alliance 2 brings us heroic characters including Avengers, Daredevil, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, while the villains list includes Ultron, Baron Strucker, and more epic Super Villains. Apart from the amazing gameplay and story, the game offers us the following features:

  • Assemble the ultimate team to defeat notorious Super Villains
  • Strategize and defeat evil forces in epic 3-on-3 combat
  • Level-up and customize Super Heroes
  • Collect and equip unique abilities for each Super Hero
  • Take on dozens of replayable missions
  • Win bonus rewards for completing Daily Operations
  • Get powerful rewards in PVP tournaments
  • Team up with friends’ Super Heroes to conquer missions

Download for iOS | Download for Android | Download APK

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