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The Mystery of Samsung’s Foldable Phone Explained

Probably it might be named as Samsung Galaxy F, where F stands for Foldable.

The mobile companies these days are in a constant battle to introduce new models in order to attract large crowds. Adding on to this list, Samsung is planning on releasing a smartphone with foldable screen early this year. The name of the product still remains a mystery, however, there are assumptions being made, one of which is Samsung Galaxy X. A report from a trusted source, The Wall Street Journal, also mentioned the launching of foldable handset series by Samsung but does not mention any name.

The article says that this series will initially be launched on a small scale for the gamers and later will be introduced in local market as well. Some reports also claim that this product can be exclusive. If all that said is true and it releases this year, this handset series will be the third flagship after Galaxy S and Galaxy Note and also far more expensive than any other products because of its components and features and can cost upto $2000.

A Chinese leaker tweeted that Galaxy X would be a gaming phone, which isn’t foldable and there would be another series named ‘Galaxy F’ that could be the foldable handset. There were rumors back in 2013 mentioning the making of a “super premium” Galaxy F series but nothing went official till date.

Samsung Foldable Phone

Another Chinese leaker tweeted that Galaxy F would be something entirely different, but deleted it later and instead said that he was sure that Galaxy F is indeed the folding handset. There is no statement coming from the company itself and therefore, nothing more could be said on this matter.

With everything being said and done, it would be interesting to see this new product launching in the market and the response of the smartphone users and other companies especially when the Samsung sales are starting to drop.

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