DVDFab Video Converter Review – The Best Tool You Need For DVD & Blu-ray

Nowadays when everything is changing, your world of multimedia fun will also never be the same!

Ever wanted simple conversion software that can help you quickly change the format of your video files, photos, and other digital media? Then use this software which provide the blink-eye speed of conversion. We are here talking about DVDFab Video Converter that reads all the widely used video formats from the Internet as well as devices such as digital camcorders, SD Cards, etc. and convert them to fit any device including Mobile or portable multimedia player. No matter you want a video converter to MP4 or MP3 video converter.

There are bunch of converter tools available in the market, some are paid while some are free. Even we have reviewed so many of them but we can safely rate DVDFab as one of the Editor’s Choice. It is a powerful and feature-packed multimedia solution dedicated to DVD & Blu-ray backup.


DVDFab is a bundle of software tools dedicated to the work on DVD and Blu-Ray Copy, DVD and Blu-Ray ripping, Video Conversion, protection removal from DVD and Blu-Ray disks, 4K video converter, 3D output and much more. This brand is in market for more than 14 years and is one of the most reputed brands. With more than 80 million users worldwide, DVDFab has been battle-tested and improved over the years (current version is DVDFab 10.x) to offer an excellent all-round product in the area of media disks management.

Prior to DVD Fab, the company has launched its product that gained much popularity and the product was DVDFab DVD Ripper, then later DVD Fab joined the legacy. This video convertor provides some impressive feature as done by DVD ripper.

User Interface:

This fully featured video converter comes with clean and easy-to-use user interface that even make the first time user a Pro in video editing. Every options and features are well arranged in tabs with icons. It is one of the easiest UI i can say for an editing tool offering comfortable working experience. Apart from the clean UI that saves your time and make the work faster, its multithreading, multicore and batch conversion makes the task even faster. You can be ready with your edited video any time soon.

How does DVDFab Video Converter work (Guide)

  • After installation, when you launch the software you will see tabs on the top as Copy, Ripper, Converter and Ripper. Select what you want to do. And then from the left pane select Audio, Video or Web output format. You can also select the output as per Device from the list.
  • Now drag and drop the video you want to work with. After this you can select Advanced Settings to adjust audio/video/subtitle settings as per your needs if you are Pro in this or just let it go on Default settings.

DVDFab 6

  • Once done with all settings, just click Start and your video will be converted in few seconds. It is really fast.

DVDFab 8

  • You can also Download YouTube videos directly using DVDFab video converter. Just go to Utilities and click you YouTube Video Downloader.

DVDFab 9

Complete Customization Control

You entire video conversion has to be under your control. And that is what you get here. With DVDFab, you can choose to work with any particular part or the entire video. It is completely under your control. You can even work with the different parameters of audio/video parameters. This comes handy when you are a pro user and know what you are doing. Or else, the tool is smart enough to provide you with the best possible output. You can also use the converter to adjust the clip volume that you find too low.

Non-Linear Video Editing

This is very interesting feature of DVDFab, personally i liked it very much. In case you don’t understand the word ‘non-linear editing’, i must tell you that using this feature you can create an almost professional like Videos with custom Intro Opener, Outro at the end, with your own music in the background and so on. Well, using this you can also list the cast and show the closing credits. Isn’t that great? I loved it. To make it even better, DVDFab has also added special effects you can use in your videos. There’s much more to do.

DVDFab also comes with a Remote App for your smartphone using which you can directly load the source video in the Converter. In other words, you don’t need to connect your phone with computer using Cable and then transfer. The Remote app lets you directly loading the source file and later have the Edited Final Video directly on your phone.

DVDFab 7

Wide range of supported Formats

With DVDFab, you just don’t need to worry about your raw video format. It supports almost all of them. No matter how that video is coded, h.264, MPEG-2, DivX, XviD, it is even being constantly updated to support the emerging technologies like the H.265 and 4K videos. In other words, once choose this software, you won’t be worried if one day you will come across any video format it cannot process, as the developers will not let that happen.

Support all popular devices and smartphones:

For those users who just want to make quick conversions to enjoy their beloved videos on their portable and mobile devices, like an iPhone of any generation and any model, any variant of iPad, any Galaxy product from Samsung, PSP, ZUNE, NDS, Xbox 360, Apple TV, PS3 and any tablet from all the manufacturers spreading all over this planet, just find that device from the internal conversion profile and hit the start button to let go of the conversion and then you can just sit down in the sofa and keep your fingers crossed. Shortly before you drink your coffee, the video conversion is done for you. Nothing else is required!

Astonishing Video Quality

Despite its fast processing speed, the quality of the video is fabulous. Unlike other tools in this niche, DVDFab takes good care and doesn’t compromises with the Quality. This video converter is under development since last many year and will be incorporating some brilliant technologies in the future. Catch you then! In case you are not satisfied with the video quality, you can always visit for online video conversion.

Hardware Acceleration And Batch Conversion:

When choosing a video conversion software, the conversion speed is an inevitable element to mention when making the final decision. As far as this is concerned, DVDFab Video Converter lets users make the best out their PC abilities, such as the hardware acceleration solutions from the Intel Quick Sync, Nvidia’s CUDA, and even the batch conversion is possible. All these options help users save a lot of time either by speeding up the conversion process or by enabling them to do multiple conversions at a time.


I have done so many video conversions personally and have come across many video converters so far. But when it comes to high speed and intuitive quality, I can safely say that DVDFab is one of the best i have come across. It supports all popular devices and infact all video formats. All DVDFab software products are easy to use for beginners and offer customization options for Pro and Advanced users too. The pre-loaded Presets help you to not to be an expert in video output formats to use the software.

DVDFab has several special offers, bundling together various DVDFab products, with savings from $26 to $160 on the final price. DVDFab’s Blu-ray Toolkit includes all DVDFab’s Blu-ray apps with a huge discount. Also, DVDFab All-In-One package includes all DVDFab products in a single package again with a big discount tag. But before going with all those offers, i would recommend you to check this New Year Sale Page where you can get Lucky Bags too. Don’t be later coz it ends on Jan 23rd.

Try this tool for 30 days for free and then thank us later.

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