Best new features of Apple iOS 8

Apple iOS 8 is the upcoming biggest update for Apple Devices. There are ample of rumors about the new update. I am going to give you details about what new things this update is going to bring. The update is going to get the new UI which is more fluid and fast. Also there are important changes. This time Apple tries to make the update more helpful by adding advance sync features and additional security. This new update will increase the potential of your device. It will add more functionality making the device more better to use. For example the new photo app that comes with integrated with the new iCloud Photo Library. You can simply share your photos around multiple device through this. It also give you option to create album and edit your photos. So let’s checkout one by one what new thing the iOS8 update brings.



This fall under the rumors where Apple is planning to add a Homekit app in the update. Here you can control your home appliances through the phone. For example a few devices today come with intent connectivity. It can be your fridge or lights. You can sync those devices with the phone and control them from remote location. You can turn off the light, you can check your food status in fridge, etc. It will operate through internet and you don’t really need to be in your home. this protocol is advance but apples looks to be seriously working on the same. This is going to cover a huge amount of appliances. But not on your exiting one. You have to upgrade them as well.


There is a entirely new Messaging app in the upcoming iOS 8 update. This new messaging app brings a bit more things. Like it is now not limited to text only. But you can also send a video and a photo in the message directly. Your Messaging app is going to have WhatsApp kind of features where it can be a complete chat messenger as well. You can share different photos and videos at the same time, send voice messages, group chatting, location sharing, attachment, and more.

ios 8 messages

Family Sharing:

Family Sharing is one of the best features. Here you can create a group of people who are your family and share a paid content among them. for example you had bought a book or an app and you have that in your iPad. You can share the same purchased content with your Dad, mom or relatives. At a time you can add upto 6 people in this list and share the content with them with the help of Apple ID. A very effective option to share games and music among your love ones and there is no need to buy things again and again.

ios 8 Family Sharing

Health App:

iOS 8 also brings out a unique Health app. this app give you benefit of various health option. it can be your complete fitness application where you can get details about your heart rate, calories, sugar level, cholesterol, etc. You can now have a complete control over your health status through this. It can be your health and fitness app both. The app is having a few advance feature through which you can create and manage your own schedule.

ios 8 Health App

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