Samsung Ativ SE Review


After exploring all the features and hardware of the phone we can conclude that Samsung has re-launched Galaxy S4 but in different OS version. Ativ SE possesses all the features of Samsung S4 so you can make a point that performance of the phone will be incredible too. Superior design with marvelous display feature will drag Windows lover to this phone. Camera of 13MP is just perfect for all the smartphones so it is for Ativ SE.

Snapdragon 800 is want of every phone and Ativ SE has in it which will boost the performance of the phone. Lastly the battery of the phone is powerful to take care of all above stated feature. Only thing we are worried about is no proper response for Windows operating phone so lets wait and watch how Samsung’s Ativ SE is accepted globally.


  • Pretty good hardware
  • Stylish design
  • Super fast performance
  • Amazing battery life


  • Limited availability, only on Verizon
  • Limited WP8 applications
  • Slippery handling
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