Devil May Cry 5 Getting Timed Survival Mode Called ‘Bloody Palace’ via Update

The timed survival mode called 'Bloody Palace' is coming on April 1st. No, its not April Fool.

Recently, Capcom’s Devil May Cry 5 became one of the biggest hit on all gaming consoles. Gamers were desperately waiting for this, and Capcom just made sure not to disappoint them in any aspect.

The fifth installment of Devil May Cry franchise launched on 8th March, and now there’s a news that it is getting a new update, a Free Update, which is bringing yet another addictive Timed Survival Mode. The update will be available on 1st of April.

No, it is not a prank or April Fool of 1st April. Its official. Even Capcom assured that soon an update will hit Devil May Cry 5. And this Free Update is called ‘Bloody Palace’. As said, this mode will have a Timer where you have to survive the super enemies before the timer runs out.

About the Bloody Palace, it is going to be exciting and it will offer players a binge urge to play the game. You can play this Timed Survival Bloody Palace as Dante, Nero or V. They ensured, this is going to be the toughest competition; this update will carry strong enemies and bosses against a time frame.

Here are some of the screenshot of Bloody Palace which might help some users to understand the mode:

Devil may cry 5 is a game of a kind, lots of positive reviews are coming from this game version. Recently the Capcom chief executive announced a game a victory for their fans and makers by showing victory sign. This update will add more praise in a game for sure. Fans will definitely be going to love this version.

Those who are not aware of the game, it is the right place to look for the beginner’s guide. We already uploaded lots of article’s for this game, such as Troubleshooting Guide, Save Games, Trainers, Tips and Tricks and lots more along with bugs and fixes which will definitely help you to learn about the game. The game is must a try for everyone.

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