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10 Best Android Hacks and Tricks You Must Know 2024

Android phones already have a huge fan base. It is the most used and versatile operating system around the globe. There are millions of useful Android applications available, which add to the major productivity of the android smartphones.

But, apart from performing the basic features, there are lots of things your Android smartphones can do which you are just not aware about. Android phones are loaded with features, all you need to do is explore them.

In this article, we will provide you such 10 tricks, or we can say Hacks, using which you can enjoy several new features on your android phone. So, “Be a Proud Android User”. Thank us later 😉


Find Your Lost Phone

We misplace our phone very often. And the irritating thing is most of us have a habit of keeping our phone on silent mode. This leads to much inconvenience in finding our phone and trust me, losing your phone is the worst experience.

But, don’t worry! You can get back your lost phone by using Google Find My Device.

Since, your Google account is already paired with your phone, Google Find My device is turned On automatically.

So, whenever you lose your phone, just visit with any browser and login with the same Google account that you have on your phone. You will be able to locate your device and can also erase all the private data remotely, lock it. You can also make it ring loud even if it’s on silent mode.

Read the Deleted Notifications

Most of us have a habit of swiping the notifications off the screen even without reading them. Due to this habit sometimes we end up clearing the important notification we want to read. It happens all the time.

But, you can actually get back those deleted notifications by a simple hack. Here is how: Long press and hold your home-screen to get the screen-adjust mode. Now, go to widgets and there you will see a shortcut for Settings widget. Place that shortcut on your home screen.

Whenever you accidentally miss the notifications, just tap on the settings shortcut and you will see a option “notification log”, tap on it and you will be able to see all your notifications.

Enjoy Linux On Your Android Phone Without Rooting:

Surprised???? Well, yes!! You can actually enjoy Linux on you android phone with rooting it. You will be able to open command prompt and Linux interface on your phone.

Rooting your phone is not an easy task, it requires a bit of experience and proper knowledge.

But by using Debian Noroot application, you can install Linux Distribution Debian on your phone. It is Linux based Operating System that allows users to install GIMP, LibreOffice and other open source softwares.

All you need to do is to download ‘Debian App’ from Google play store.

Make Your Navigation-keys as App shortcuts

So, if you’re bored with the regular features of your phone then, try this! Use the ‘Button Mapper‘ app to change the functionality of the buttons. You can use this app to assign any task to any button you want.

You can assign any function to your navigation bar keys. For e.g., double tapping the home button/back button to launch camera, or double tapping recent button to open gallery etc. You can also use this trick for volume and power buttons in same manner.

Monitor Your Pulse Rate Using Camera /LED flash

We know, it sounds like a joke, but it is not!! You can actually monitor your heart rate using your phone’s camera and LED flash. There are many apps that will show your heart rate by just placing your finger on the flash light.

When you place your finger on flash light, the camera detects colour change in your skin and monitors the amount of blood passing through your body.

Use Heart Rate App for best results.

Make Your Graphics Better

GLTools is a graphic optimizer app that will allow you to have better graphics on your low-end devices and hence, will provide you better gaming experience. You should definitely give it a try in order to get better visuals and speedy gaming.

Re-function Your Status Bar using System UI Tuner

You can add or remove certain options from your status bar by using hidden settings menu known as “System UI Tuner”. To do this, hold the settings icon on the notification bar, a display will pop up saying System UI Tuner has been enabled.

Now, in the settings menu you will find a option System UI Tuner Menu, by using this option you can arrange any apps or icon in your status bar. Thus, you can customize your status bar as per you like.

Note that, this hidden feature is not available for phones with their custom UI like EMUI/MIUI.

Avoid Hanging And Freezing Problems

This is quite a common problem faced by all the android users, specially users with old and low-end devices. This can happen anytime using any apps, launching camera.

You can solve this lagging and freezing problem while using or launching applications on your phone by using ‘Seeder’ app. This app works by taking the process that generates data and process it. Then, this data is feeded into a data pool along with refreshing it regularly so that the system never runs out of data that is the major reason behind the delay and lagging caused by the phone.

However, this app is not available for latest android versions and it also requires ROOT. For the people who are not able to root their phones, there is another app called L Speed App, which will do the job. L Speed app will enhance the speed and overcome delays.

This is all for now. We hope these hacks and tricks work for you.  Enjoy and explore your android phones and as we said: “Be A Proud Android User”.

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