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How To Unlock The God Hands in Black Ops 4 Zombies: Ancient Evil

With God Hands, you can unleash the four elemental Weapons.

There is a new update in Black Ops 4 Zombies which is a whole new opportunity for the gamers as they are opening the gates to reach out bunch of new wonder weapons. This particular update features The God Hands which helps you to unleash the four elemental weapons, all you have to do for this is to complete the actions which game is demanding. There is a lot more to talk about that particular mode; it has a lot of interesting features within it.

Let’s learn How to Unlock the new God Hands in the game:

The method to unlock the God Hands is quite simple and familiar; it is quiet one you already have seen before. First thing first, you have to choose the type of God’s hand you want and then you have to locate that particular one on the rituals sites. But before this, you have to unlock the ritual sites, for which you have to find the hidden Dormant hand. It will be available in a bunch around the map emitting purple energy. After grabbing the dormant hand, power it up with a particular ritual site using the zombie soul. After this, you are all ready to unleash your first elemental wonder weapons.

Let’s dig more deeply into unlocking wonder weapons process, clearly, for users, it might be confusing.

The very thing is to locate the special dormant hand, it will surely be hidden somewhere in the field. There are several locations in a game where it can be available; you have to look for it carefully. One advice which you should keep in mind is trying to look for one at a time. It can be hidden somewhere in vases, under dirt or other hiding places. The hint to look for a dormant hand is the attack on the place where you see a purple glow; chances are high that you can find dormant hand there.

To look for purple glow you can visit the spots suggested by other individuals. So it can save you time in the game. The other spots are:

  • Stoa of Athenians
  • Intersection of Treasuries
  • Spartan Monument
  • Python Pass
  • Center of the World

After collecting the dormant hand you have to name it according to the weapons. The name of weapons is Gaia/Charon/Hemera/ Ouranos. After that, take the hand with you at rituals site. To make it easier for you to understand the location of a ritual site, here we are doing the work.

Locate the Dormant Hand:

  • Hand of Gaia Ritual: Located at the Spartan Monument.
  • Hand of Charon Ritual: Located at the Python Pass.
  • Hand of Hemera Ritual: Located at the Monument of Craterus.
  • Hand of Ouranos Ritual: Located at the Center of the World.

After activating the ritual by placing a hand at a particular site, all you have to do is kill the zombie specified in the colored circle. Within a minute you’ll find yourself trapped in a small area, then kill the zombie which is glowing and match the color which is suitable to particular ritual to charge it. After that complete the challenge.

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