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Risk of Rain 2: Tips to Find the Abandoned Aqueduct Hidden Chamber

It is safe to say Risk Of Rain 2 has been a surprise from the Hopoo games for PC gamers. The game is already a major blast among users on Steam. The second installment of the series, Risk of Rain 2 is all packed with new enemies and bosses to kill and reveal all secrets in games.

If you are playing this game, when you roam in Abandoned Aqueduct looking for teleporters, you will notice some secrets of the level which is named as The Hidden Chamber. It also has the title named as death does us apart. To achieve this particular title, you should be well known of the Hidden Chamber.

You have to master the art of opening the hidden chamber which might be stressful if one should not know what to do. The key to open a door is teamwork, with the efforts of your team you can easily find out the way from it.

How to Open the Hidden Chamber

While roaming on Abandoned Aqueduct stage, you need to press two buttons simultaneously which is a major help in opening of Hidden chamber door. But to find those two buttons is not a piece of cake, it is tricky due to nature of Risk Of Rain 2, but from deep observation, one hint came in the light that those buttons are generally located or hide behind the giant Rocks.

The important thing is you and your teammate or other player have to press the button simultaneously, the moment you pressed the button it will give you access to the hidden chamber. The problem solo players can face if they don’t have any teammate, the game will ask for some object placement which can be tedious. The other thing is players put a pot on the button it will eventually lead to activation. After successfully unlocking the Engineer Character, players are allowed to place a turret on a button.

What is in the Hidden Chamber?

There is a curiosity about the hidden chamber. Once the player successfully opens the door of The Hidden Chamber, the massive fight is waiting for them; it means you have to deal with the bosses. You have to be well prepared for it because it can cause some serious damage to players. However, if you succeed in defeating the bosses you have an opportunity to earn Lunar Coins and in addition to this, you are allowed to loot the bosses, With this Death do us apart title will also come home, it will unlock the achievement in a game.

However, the game is in on its early access but the internet is flooded with all positive response which will lead us to a conclusion that gamers are enjoying it. Makers shifter the game from 2D to 3D which itself was a huge surprise for fans. Talking about the changes offered by makers, a game is full of it but till now the hidden chamber is dominating every change. It is assured by the makers that players will experience a lot more in-game like more secret challenges and levels.

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