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Connect Xbox 360 Controller to PC – Easy Steps

Using controllers with your computers these days has become super easy. Any controller can be used now to connect to your PC. All you need is some good hardware and few minutes to install the setup. Recently I have received many requests regarding ‘How to connect you Xbox 360 controller to the PC?’

The use of controller is quite common and very easy process. You can connect to either wired or wireless controller as per your convenience. Here we will be providing you the complete guide to connect both ways. You can choose using wired connection if you do not want any input lag. Also Check: How to Connect Any Game Controller to your Windows And Mac Computer

Wireless controller

If you are using wireless controller then you have to purchase a receiver which is compatible with the device and then install it. You can easily find one at the pricing between $10 to $20. You can buy it from Microsoft or any third-party vendor as per your pocket money.

Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver

You can further plug the USB into the receiver which later should be connected to PC. Once connected, you can see the green light blinking which means that receiver is properly connected to the PC.

Additionally, to connect both wireless connector and wireless receiver properly, you should install the prerequisite software from the official Microsoft site or the disc packages bundled with the software.

If you have the installation CD, then you can install the step from that and of not then you can download it from the website. Search for wireless controller for windows. Select the version of your windows operating system and also provide the language of setup and download the package. After the complete installation, you may be asked to start the installation.

If you are using the wired connection, then you just have to plug the USB into the PC and you are good to go. If everything is worked then you are lucky and if not, then you can turn use the wireless receiver.

Xbox 360 Controller Setup

The sync using USB between controller and PC should not take much time.

Test the controller:

To test the controller, you have to go the start button and search for ‘Game Controllers’. You will come across an option “Set an USB game controller”.

For testing, check the buttons, triggers and play with joystick to check if everything is working fine or not. If some issue is there, then you need to check with the Xbox’s support website.


There is nothing very difficult that you have to perform to get your controller and PC connected. Make sure that the device is connected and automatically detected while you are playing the game. There are many games that require controller these days. So, let us know if you have any query\doubt which we might have missed in this article. We will provide with the appropriate solution as soon as possible.

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