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Borderlands 3: Top 6 Things to Expect From the Best Looter Shooter

The eagerly awaited video game is going to mark its entry during the third quarter of this year i.e. September 13th, 2019. The official site of Borderlands also shows that the game will include the co-op and split screen features. This will allow you to play online in anytime without worrying about your level or progress. You can play with your team, fighting the enemies and looting the rewards.

No doubt there are a lot expectation and excitement for the Borderlands 3 because it could be one of the best looter shooter games of all the time.

There are lot things we expect from the Borderlands 3. The hopes are high indeed! But if the developers done it in the right way, we could be able to experience one of the best game till now.

Here are the Top 6 things we expect to see in the iconic Borderlands 3

1. Borderlands 3 to offer more loots:

Loots are the best part about Borderlands 3. The variety of loot offered is so much fun and therefore, we expect a lot more loots in the game. The various guns and armor that changes your character along with the other weapons creates an opportunity to grow your character that lasts for longer hours.

2. Increased Focus on Online Gaming

In order to expand the Borderlands 3 even more, the company should focus on providing online play. Previous Borderlands games are much behind the games like Anthem, Destiny 2, Warframe and Division 2 due to the lack of the online features which are offered by these games.

Hence, we hope for the increased online feature in the Borderlands 3 because online gaming is a place where a lot of gamers come together to show off their gaming skills by playing together with their respective teams.

3. New Content

In the games like borderlands 3, players often run out of new things to do. This results in loosing interest in the game. But, this time Borderlands 3 is releasing new content to keep the gamers into the play. It could be free add-ons or the paid DLC.

4. Taking Lessons from Other Looter Shooter Games:

There are many lessons that the Borderlands series has to learn from other hit games available in the world of hit loot shooters like Warframe and Destiny 2. While Warframe offers more than 30 different character classes, Destiny 2 has its own way to make use of

PVP and PVE modes. Similarly, Division 2 is above all the games, a perfect hit in the market. If Gearbox manages to take lessons from these hit games, it would be the best and we could be able to experience the gaming we are looking for since long.

5. Avoid certain other Loot Shooters that lacked in providing the right things

The games like Anthem are not successful in providing enough of the useful loots to the players and making the players lose their interest in the game. But, fortunately, Borderlands never faced this type of issues. It has always succeeded in offering meaningful loots to the players and made their time worth engaged in the game.

Hence, we wish the Borderlands 3 to maintain and keep this going.

6. Introducing More Characters

The characters of the Borderlands series is one of the things that make it stand out in the world of loot shooters. The Borderlands is full of interesting playable characters, both the NPCs and the deadliest enemies of all time.

Thus, we are waiting to see more playable characters in the Borderlands 3 in order to have wonderful experience. Moreover, from the latest trailer released by Gearbox, it seems like various fans favorite characters are making a return in the Borderlands 3.

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