Set Animated GIF Background on Windows 10 and Windows 7: Here is how

Are you bored of your regular background on the computer’s screen? If yes, then stop right here. We will tell you how you can make your background eye-catching by setting an animated GIF as a background in your PC.

Yes! You are reading right, you can actually set a GIF as a backgroundon your PC.  In this article, we are sharing the steps by which you can set GIF as your PC background. So, without wasting much time, let’s begin!

Windows 10 is no doubt the best operating system we are using right now. It offers variety of features and options to the users; however, it doesn’t support animated GIF as a desktop background. Therefore, we need third-party tools to accomplish this task.

BioniX is such a tool, which is available for free. There are other softwares like DeskScapes which is paid software that let you set GIF as desktop wallpaper.

Here is how you can set animated GIF wallpaper on Windows 10.

  • Download some GIF images you like. You can also create one for yourself if you want.
  • Now, download and install BioniX software.
  • Launch the software and click on Tools.
  • Select Wallpaper animator option.

On selecting this option, the following window will open.

  • Now, browse the folder where you have your Gifs stored.
  • Select your GIF and adjust the settings like Speed Animation, Magnification.

And it’s done!! You can see the demo by clicking the View demo images. However, to use the GIFs in your background, BioniXapplication should be running. If you’re using Windows 7, then don’t worry. We will show you can do it too.

Here is How to set a GIF as your background on Windows 7.

Basically, there are two methods by which you can set GIF background on Windows 7. One method is using the image rotation feature and other is using third party softwares. We are sharing both the methods, so you can follow any of these.

Method 1: Using Image Rotation Feature

To set GIF background in Windows 7, we will use the image rotation feature because similar to Windows 10,it also doesn’t support GIF as desktop wallpaper.

  • Create a folder and save the animated images you want to set as your PC background in it.
  • Select Customize option by right-clicking on the desktop.
  • Click on Desktop background option at the bottom.
  • Browse and choose the image you want to set as background.
  • Adjust the size of your selected image and click OK.

Note: Set a low rotation interval for a better animation.

Method 2: Using Third Party Programs

The third-party program we are talking about here is Okozo desktop suite which is a simple to use and lightweight tool to set animated GIFs as the  background.

  • Download and Install Okozo application.
  • Start the program and select the category you want from available options including Abstract, Cartoon, Movies, Galleries, Interactive, etc.
  • After downloading the wallpaper you have selected, you need to confirm the wallpaper activation.

However, using these methods if you have a good CPU, an excellent dedicated GPU, and pretty good RAM is a good idea but avoid these methods if your system lacks in the above mentioned features as this can further affect the performance of your system.

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