Zanki Zero Last Beginning: How to Heal Your Characters

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning is the new adventurous survival RPG video game developed by Spike Chunsoft launched for PS4 and PCs. The game is all about survival of 8 characters who are stuck on an island.

Since, you will be performing various dangerous tasks and fighting on your way to dungeons, it is very necessary to take care of your characters health and you will need to heal them whenever required.

Each character has a different health count. You can see the character’s health in pink coloured display above their head with a heart at side. Since, each character has a different health count, different number will be displayed. Therefore, you should know about each character’s maximum health count, so you can have idea when they’re running low in terms of health.

Mostly, you will need to increase the health of the character while fighting in the dangerous dungeons.

Here is How You Can Increase the Health Count of Characters:

Whenever your character’s health count gets low, you need to make them rest in order to heal them. You can rest your character by pressing the triangle on your PlayStation 4 and then selecting the “rest button” located at the bottom of the page.

Although you can rest whenever your health count gets depleted, but keep in mind that resting drains the stamina. You can increase your stamina by eating food that is available in your inventory. To do this, simply select a food item from the screen and move it to the character’s display. Always, make sure you have enough food items in your inventory.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that, there are chances of damage even while you’re resting. So always rest in a safe place to prevent your character from further damage. For example, always look for a room with a door so you can close it for safety. Enter the room and then close the door and make your character rest safely. When they are full, their health count will increase and then you can get back into the game by pressing any key to resume.

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