Xbox One S All Digital Edition Launched: Pre-Order Now at $250

As a gift to all gamers, Microsoft has launched its new Xbox One S All Digital Edition priced at $250. If you wanted to buy your first gaming console, this is it. This new edition is actually $50 cheaper than the regular Xbox One S that has a huge reason behind it. The all-new console doesn’t have an optical drive.

The all new Xbox One S All Digital Edition will hit the market on May 7, 2019. But it is already up for pre-order.

 So those who are wondering what is the use of optical drive in the console and how can its absence or presence can cause any change, here’s the answer. Optical drive allows you to play or install games through compact discs. Traditionally all consoles followed these features. But it seems like Microsoft is breaking the stereotypes and doing something out of the box.

 Removing optical drive is basically saving the lot of efforts with drives and cartridge which is complicated for some of the users. The one more perk of it, the platform is going to be total digital, there is no room for the disc, and games will be available digitally.

 However, the new Xbox One S edition come with 1TB storage which is going to be an issue because some of the games like Red redemption 2 alone requires a 100 GB of space. So it may seem like you will have to settle for limited options.

 But Microsoft covered all the flaws of console wisely by providing handy features. The very first is, All digital Edition console is cheaper than existing console and the second one is, it is specially designed to support other devices like mobile phones. The console comes with a wireless controller which is cherry on the cake.

 Above all, it has been concluded with Microsoft’s new launch that companies are going eco-friendly. Nowadays everything is available digitally, so in our opinion, it’s not going to be a major issue for the gamers.

 Microsoft kept in mind the need of consumer or the real question like what they will do with their games CDs if they already have. So not to worry, they provide an option to exchange their disc in return of download code of digital games.

 But it has been put up front by some of the users that going Digital will require a lot of time to get the downloading process done and some of the games are really massive. The other issue can be it can lead to hanging or slow processing because of inbuilt storage.

 Other than this Microsoft is also allowing monthly subscription which gives gamers access to 100 games which they can download anytime whenever they want to play.

 However, it will cost a bit to users if they want to access all the online features available on it.

The device has its perks and flaws, it will be interesting how users will react to it and what’s their opinion about no optical drive feature but till then if you are the one who loves to try something new we would suggest you check it out if you haven’t.

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