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Sony SmartBand SWR10 Review

With the release of Samsung Galaxy Gear, wearables are the latest craze among people. Technology advancement is storming all over globe and with the great success of fitness band like Fitbit and Jawbone mobile companies like Samsung and Sony came in to existence with their cool wearable and latest technology installed in it. Sony is heading one step ahead from others and so Sony has come up with its all new smartband in the market named Sony Smartband SWR10. So let’s check out what Sony has got to deliver to its followers and the world and will also check out whether this new device will rule the market or will eat the dust.

Sony Smartband SWR10 Review


In the name of hardware smartband consist of just two parts one is wrist band and other one is core part and actual features are associated with the core part. Core part is carved so perfectly that it fits on your hands comfortably and to fit on your hands Sony has designed its smartband core with curved body. Core of smartband is not more than inch in length and half an inch in breadth. All sensors essential to perform smoothly is stuffed in core part of the smartband.

Curved body of smartband has a button placed along the edge along with three LEDs light as well to notify you with different functions running in it. Button given alongside will help you to change the modes between day mode and night mode and also can be used to activate Life Bookmarks. Button can also be used to trigger applications like camera by acting as camera shutter button and many more things. At the lower edge of the core part you will find USB port to charge your device whenever smartband is low on charge.

Now coming to the wrist band part, this is made up of soft rubber material friendly to the wrist and fits there comfortably. You can adjust the size of the band according to the wrist by clamping it on the holes provided. At one end you will notice a silver round metal with Sony logo on it and has pins for adjusting in the holes according to the size of wrist. Most amazing and important feature of this smartband is that both core and wrist band are IP58 certified which means you don’t have to worry about water getting inside your band or you don’t have remove your band while getting fresh. So we can say that hardware part of Sony Smartband SWR10 is simple and artistic, Sony could have made the band little trendier but fall back with simple in design.

Sony Smartband SWR10 hardware


To run the smartband consistently and smoothly, Sony has made use of compatible software which is capable to handle all work necessary for smartband. Sony Smartband does track your fitness level but features associated for fitness tracker is not much impressive. Sony has installed Lifelog to keep track not only of your fitness but also keeps track of the work you perform during your active hours. Lifelog and Smartband notifications stay noticeable and also display you which mode you are currently operating. Lifelog will run in background and will keep track on your activities and tidily incorporate them under categories like sleep, photos, music and movies. With the help of this application you will be notified how much time you can spent enjoying this categories.

To activate Life Bookmarks feature you need to long press your side button and you are ready to create bookmarks. Bookmark will help you to include your location, time or any messages you need to add up on. Smartband is more concentrated for fitness tracking and let’s see how you can manage fitness tracking on your smartband. If you start jogging it will detect your activities and add data to your particular category. If you are walking outdoors then GPS will track your location and map in Lifelog application. But Lifelog and fitness tracker fails to keep record of the diet related information like how much calories to intake while performing activities. We can expect that with the update by Sony all pending features will be covered.

Sony Smartband SWR10 Software

Apart from fitness tracker your Smartband will keep your track while you are asleep and to trigger this feature by keeping your band in Night mode. Band can also calculate your light sleep or deep sleep hours by analyzing your hands movement during night mode and to distract your sleep you can activate alarm feature on smartband.

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