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The Sinking City Tips: Mystic Tomes Guide

The Bigben Interactive’s recently launched horror action-adventure video game “The Sinking City” has gained substantial fan base in no time after the release. It is one of the best horror adventurous games you can play right now. The game has got a number of side caste quest included the toughest Mystic Tomes.

So, if you are playing the game and struggling with the Mystic Tomes quest, then you are at the right place. We got you covered. And to the gamers who haven’t played the game already, we highly recommend to play it once for insane fun.

Here in this guide, we are providing each and everything you need to know about the Mystic Tomes side-quest. You will find out how to get it and what loops can the quest throw on you. So, keep reading further..!!

The Sinking City Mystic Tomes Guide

In order to get the Mystic Tomes side quest, you need to have the Necronomicon DLC installed. You can use this DLC-exclusive side quest from the main character’s room in the Devil’s Reef. Here, the Necronomicon will let you to the room situated across the hall. After that, in the room you will see seven different notes and each will direct you to a separate book in the Oakmont city.

The game will itself direct you from scene to another at different locations. At this time, you should be careful as you may face a few enemies at these locations. You only need to find the books, which is fairly easy.

After completing the Mystic Tomes Side Case, you will be rewarded a number of Knowledge Points, and a Cultist outfit.

Although the Mystic Tomes Side Case is a tad bit complex, but it is totally fun to get it.

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