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5 Best WhatsApp Alternative Messaging Apps to Consider 2024

We all are aware Whatsapp, the most popular messaging app around the globe. What makes it so popular among users of any age, is its easy to use UI and several handy features. That makes it best suitable for both personal as well as business use.

But apart from the features, since it is Facebook-owned, they have revealed that soon WhatsApp will start serving Ads. And as far as I know, every app that has Ads becomes very irritating at a time.

One reason that makes it preferred messaging app is it being Ad-free. People can use it without any disturbance. But with these Ads rumors, people are looking for a better alternatives now.

So in this particular article, we are going to discuss some of the best and similar application which you can consider for messaging after WhatsApp. Let’s take a look:

1. Viber:


The very first in our list is Viber, It is popular and feature packed too. This application is very much similar to WhatsApp. Viber offers Audio / video calls, stickers and fun stuff. However, user may find something missing in their interface. But this could be the best alternative for Whatsapp. Download Viber

2. Band:


The second application in our list is Band. Its name says all. Earlier when the application was launched it was solely designed for the purpose of group texting. The concept behind the application is to let people stay connected from same work zones like Dance class, Drama or it can be anything. But it also includes the feature of individual texting. Other than this it allows calendar feature to keep you updated about your activities. Download Band

3. Signal Private Messenger:

Signal Private Messenger

The third application in our list is Signal Private Messenger. We are not sure whether you heard about it before or not but the application is similar to WhatsApp. The only flaw with the application is it is still in the making, those who are using it found some flaws in it which we are sure will get fixed by the time. Download Signal Private Messenger

4. Telegram:


This is one of the very popular messaging apps and reason for its popularity is it is mostly preferred by professionals and students. The application is most secured and preferred by lots of individuals because of its safety features. It is very much alike with WhatsApp. This application is a real gem or in other words the perfect replacement of Whatsapp. Download Telegram

5. Snapchat:


This application is generally not considered in this particular list because of its fun stuff and filter but if you see from the other side the application does all the work like WhatsApp. The only difference is it allows videos to share in that particular application. Download Snapchat

So, these were the 5 best alternatives of WhatsApp you can consider, just in case. You can help yourself out by using all these applications and let us know how your experience is.

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