How to Root iBerry Auxus Linea L1 Smartphone

iBerry Auxus Linea L1 is budget android Smartphone which will really surprise you with its features and total hardware config. This phone brings out amazing features at a budget price. It is right to say that this one is a budget device. iBerry Auxus Linea L1 provide you a 4.5inch display on the front. It is simply powered by 1.3GHz  quad-core processor. It runs on MediaTek MT6582 chipset. It has a 1GB and provide you 4GB storage. The device also brings a dual camera support. It has a 5-megapixel back camera with 2-megapixel front. And it simply runs on Android 4.4 operating system. It is a kind of good entry level phone which you can still have Android Kitkat. There are few models on web that comes with the Slim Kitkat rom version.

Today I am going to provide you the process for rooting the phone. After rooting you can do a lot more in it. You can install custom ROMs, you can update the phone firmware, you can remove pre-installed application from the same, etc. Adding custom rom is the best thing you can do on it. So let’s move ahead with rooting. Remember that it is a one way proceed. That means once rooted you won’t restore things back. Also you will lose the phone warranty.

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  • Rooting means simply messing with phone permission. Sometime if you go with wrong stuff your phone will brick or wont boot. At that point resorting factory settings will only work. It is good if you can backup your phone first. And then only went ahead with the process.
  • Charge the device to maximum. Never attempt to root or make any changes if the battery is low. This can cause serious issue.
  • You have to update your system with latest usb drivers that will help your windows pc to communicate with the mobile phone. Install that.
  • Go in the settings and tap on developer options. There you can find usb debugging. Turn that thing on.
  • Download SP FLASH TOOL and keep it in a folder on your desktop.
  • Download the original iBerry Auxus Linea L1 USB Drivers and install them.
  • Download the Boot Recovery & Scatter files for iBerry Auxus Linea L1.
  • The last thing you will need is MTK Droid Root 2.5.3 root tool.

Rooting Process:

  • Extract the content of Sp Flash zip file in a folder. There will be a flash tool.
  • Extract the content of boot recovery and scatter in the same folder.
  • Run the sp flash took in the admin mode. In that you have to click on scatter loading. Choose the scatter file. This file will be available in the boot recovery folder.
  • The next thing you have to do is select the boot image file. You can do that by clicking on the left side of the Flash Tool.
  • Once done just check once again that the files are properly selected.
  • Now you have to extract the content of drivers that you had downloaded. Switch off your phone and connect it to your pc. Your pc will ask for the drivers. You have to provide the folder location.
  • When you are done with driver installation disconnect the phone and remove the phone battery.
  • Connect the phone just like that in switch off mode. After few seconds insert the battery back and then connect the phone to pc. Now in sp flash tool click on the download button.
  • Flashing will start and you will get a completed process at the end.
  • After that you have to run the droid root software. For that first turn on your phone and from settings enable usb debugging. If you are unable to find the same then go in about and tap on build 5 times to turn on developer options.
  • Just connect the phone and then going Droid Root software. There you can find Backup recovery tab. Click on that and then click on super su. This will install super su user on the phone. You can then update the app from Google Play store.

If something happens, and the phone fails to start you can simply restore the original firmware back by downloading it from the official site.

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