How to Get Invisible on WhatsApp Without Deleting the App

Don’t you sometimes think that there are so many things that are missing in Whatsapp and there are quite a few which not everyone knows about. One such feature is to go invisible on Whatsapp.  Unlike other social media apps, Whatsapp doesn’t provide you the option to log out from the app for a few days. Either you have to uninstall the application or deactivate it. There is no other way out.

There is no solution that Whatsapp developers have provided on this. But we will tell you more about the steps that you can follow to go invisible on Whatsapp.

  1. Whatsapp doesn’t support this feature where you can select the “No ringtone” option for your Whatsapp message sound. In order to do that you have to mute/silent your phone. And since everything can be hacked somewhere. This can be tweaked by recording the audio clip of pin-drop silence and inserting in the ringtone settings. So next time whenever you will receive a message, Whatsapp will run soundless audio which will not disturb you.
  1. Another thing that you should in order to not get disturbed by Whatsapp is turning off the notifications for a new message. This is really important I believe because we all have this habit of constantly checking our mobile phones for new messages. By turning off the notifications you won’t know when the new notifications arrived on your mobile phone. You can do that by following the steps given here.
  • Go to the settings of your phone.
  • Then from settings go-to apps and search for Whatsapp app.
  • Once you find the Whatsapp app you can right click and see the option of disabling the notifications.
  • Now you will not see the pop of notifications of new messages until you open the Whatsapp app.
  1. So, if you are using the mobile phone in which the notification comes with the light just like in some of the Samsung Phone, then you must disable the notifications light for the Whatsapp. This really works wonders, try this and thank us later, because you will!

You can do that by doing the steps below-

  • Go to Whatsapp and then move to settings.
  • Search for notification and then go to the light.
  • In the option available for light, choose “None” and later remove the Whatsapp icon from your home screen and there you go.
  1. You can also stop Whatsapp from your using the mobile data/Internet. For that, you have to go to settings and then choose the Whatsapp just like you have done above. Right-click the option and then force stop it. By this step, the app won’t be able to use the internet.
  1. There is another step where you can block Whatsapp from accessing the background data and revoke all the permissions from Whatsapp. This way doesn’t uninstall Whatsapp. It just mutes the app. You will receive the messages though, but you can ignore it.
  1. If you don’t want the sender to see the double tick to the message, then do not open the Whatsapp app after force stopping it as we have done in step 4.

So these are the simple steps that will make your social life a lot of balance and peace.

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