How to Download Others WhatsApp Status Videos and Photos in Gallery

Don’t feel amazed, if we tell you that you can actually download or save the photos and videos of other’s WhatsApp Status in your phone gallery. It is quite easy but always keep in mind saving others data without their permission is unappreciated and we highly condemn it.

As we all know, WhatsApp is the most popular and most used instant messaging app around the globe. It has taken over all the other messaging apps and safely secured its topmost position. Over the years, we have seen a lot of improvements as well as new additions and features to the app.

Earlier, we could only send messages and other media over the platform but a couple of years back, WhatsApp has included a Status feature similar to Instagram and Snapchat that allows the users to share photos and videos with their WhatsApp contacts. Anyone from your WhatsApp contact can view your Status. This Status or simply Story remains there for 24 hours of upload after which it automatically has taken off i.e. you can’t see the WhatsApp status after 24 hrs. Moreover, WhatsApp has also provided privacy options by which you can set the audience for your video, in simple words, with whom you want to share your status. You can choose either from the three options including ‘EveryOne’, ‘My Contacts Except ‘, ‘Share Only With’.

Sometimes, you view some status on your WhatsApp and like it. But, since there is no option for saving the WhatsApp Status of others, you can’t save it.

But, that’s not what we are here for. The good thing is that you can actually save the WhatsApp Status if you’re an android user. Here we are providing an easy-peasy tutorial to do so. So, keep reading and try yourself!!

Before, saving someone’s WhatsApp Status Video, always take his/her permission. Don’t do this without their consent.

Here is How to save other’s WhatsApp Status Video on Your Phone

To achieve this, you will need a file manager on your Android phone. You can use any file manager for this purpose but we recommend using ‘Files by Google’ App because of its simplicity. Also, it is a free app for android and comes in-built on Google’s Pixel phones. It is available on Google Play, so download and install it from there.

  •  Launch the Google Files app and click on the hamburger icon on the top-left corner and click on Settings.
  •  Next, enable the ‘Show hidden files’ option. Pixel users need to enable the ‘Show internal storage ‘option.

Save WhatsApp Status Videos and Photos Guide 1

  •  Then, go back to the app’s main menu and click Internal storage.
  •  Navigate to WhatsApp folder > Media > ‘.Statuses’.
  •  Now, for saving a photo or a video in any WhatsApp Status, long-press on it and hit Copy and then, simply paste the file in any folder on your phone’s internal storage.

Save WhatsApp Status Videos and Photos Guide 2

That’s it!! You’re done here. Now, you will be able to save any WhatsApp Status. But, as we mentioned earlier, always take permission before saving someone’s video or photo.

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