Serve Up to 10 Different Snacks in this Flower Pedal Snack Holder

Every time we have guests come over, we have to do a lot of preparations and thinking about what to serve and how to serve. We spend a lot of time in finding the right dishes, searching and arranging snacks for our guest. This can be seen clearly at our kitchen counters, stacked with millions of candy boxes, plates, snacks and whatnot. Moreover, cleaning the mess after they are gone is the real struggle. This is often the reason why some people avoid guest.

Well, jokes apart. Here is the all-in-one solution for your problem. Now, you don’t need to rush every time when there are guests at your place. No need to worry about arranging and cleaning the stuff.

We are talking about Blooming Flower Pedal Snack Holder.

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It is a beautiful flower-shaped box which opens like petals of a flower. You can serve up to 10 different types of snack in a single box. It is a very smart and creative way of presenting foodstuff to the guests.

Place your Flower Pedal snack box at parties or even for the regular guest, it will definitely become the centre of attraction because of its beautiful design. Your guests will surely love it.

It is a very creative, compact and handy product that you can use for serving your guests.

The Flower Pedal Snack Holder is made from non-toxic ABS plastic material which gets clean in no time and is also durable at the same time.

For opening it, you need to turn the white coloured knob on the top. After, turning the knob, the flower will open its petals in which you can store your snacks, nuts, candies or anything you want. After filling the flower box, turn the knob again to lock it and put it anywhere you want.

Flower Petal Snacks Holder Blue

The next time, when you have guest, all you need to do is to present the beautiful flower box(which you have already filled before) to them. There will be no need to run here and there for arranging the stuff to welcome your guest. It will save a lot of time, which will give you a little extra time to spend with your guest.

The flower snack holder is available in three different sizes including small, large and a double-decker arrangement of both.

Depending on the size of the box, you may also get some space at the top knob that can be used to store small items like, toothpicks, mints etc.

  • The small size box is 27 wide and 7.5 cm tall.
  • The large size box is  27 cm wide and 8 cm tall.

And Finally, the double-decker box is 27 cm wide and 13 cm tall. It is basically, the smaller box stacked on the top of the larger box which blooms into a beautiful flower when the knob is turned on. It is the best out of the three variants

Flower Petal Snacks Holder

These flower pedal boxes are available in light pink and light blue colour.

So, what are you waiting for? Be a smart a. D creative host and get yourself one of these boxes. Buy it Now. Happy Hosting..!!

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