What is PlayStation Network Card and how to get it?

PlayStation Network, or PSN for short, is an online service that distributes both games and other media content to its users. It was created by Sony Interactive Entertainment and launched in 2006 to support PlayStation 3 console. However, it soon expanded to support PlayStation 4 and other Sony devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc. Nowadays, 94 million people use this service every month and it is available in 73 countries.

Since this is an online service, you can use it via two methods – a compatible device such as PS3 or PS4 or via a web browser. You can opt for either free or paid account (obviously the latter provides you with the wider range of features).


All you need is an email address and you will be able to create your Online ID in no time. Now, you can hide your real name if you choose to, and also write a short description about yourself, add a profile picture or an avatar, list the languages you speak, and so on.

Furthermore, there is also an online store called PlayStation Store where you can purchase games and other entertaining content, but you can also play some of them free of charge. You can buy full games or download those that can be played for free, and you can also get songs, films, add-ons, and other content that is included in this store. The store is updated every week (on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the region you are from) and besides physical currency and PayPal transfers, you can use PlayStation Network Cards to make a purchase. In a way, these are electronic money.

So how do they work? Well, each one of these card has a unique code that you enter in the PlayStation Network which then adds credit (money) to your virtual wallet. When you visit the PlayStation Store you will see a Redeem Codes icon, all you have to do is to click on it and type in the code. Another great feature of these is that you can give them away and receive them as gift.

Don’t you agree with us that there are always some things that you want to get when you go to an actual store, let alone an online one, where there’s wide offer of different types of merchandise. You can purchase these at electronic kiosks, convenience stores, online retailers, and so on. Obviously, these have different values so might want to check out what is available on OffGamers before making a purchase.


In addition, not only can you use PlayStation Network card to buy games but you can also add characters, maps, and missions to your games thus improve both the playing experience and become more successful. When buying one of these tickets, just make sure that you get the one that can be used in the US (since this service is available all around the world, there are different types of these cards).

All in all, these are some basic information about the service and network cards. If you are thinking about buying your first PS console, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun.

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