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Toshiba launches ‘WERAM1100’ wearables with fitness tracker Wristband

Toshiba have made the entry into the Android Wearables market with their Fitness band WERAM1100. The Toshiba WERAM1100 band is a fitness band that has many features which you might be confused by the looks of this band as it doesn’t look like one with many features.

It has an integrated accelerometer which tracks the activity of your steps, speed, and distance travelled and also tracks your sleep. It also comes with a vibrator that allows it to vibrate when you have achieved your goal of reaching to the speed limit, distance completion, when alarm goes off and many more. This band has the tracker that lets your smartphone upload the pictures of your meals to estimate the calories consumed and also for the calories you have burned throughout the day.

Toshiba WERAM1100 Photo

On your smartphone you can install the app to sync the data between your fitness band and the smartphone to sync with the data which will be shown as the graph on the phone. This band is also IPX5/IPX7 certified which will be safe from the water and dust. Toshiba WERAM1100 comes in black, smoky pink, blue-green and light grey colors. For charging the fitness band, company stated that it would only require the charge for every two weeks.

Toshiba will start shipping the fitness band from August 20th and will only launch the band for Japan. Toshiba have also planned to launch a cloud service for their fitness band to store the data.

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