iPhone 11 – Pros And Cons 2024

This year, Apple finally decided to showcase its iPhone 11, a smartphone that is viewed as a successor to the loved iPhone XR. The new and updated version of the iPhone 11 comes at an incredibly affordable price and its starting price tag is 699 dollars (nearly 50,000 INR). This might have something to do with the fact that the XR version was the best selling phone in 2018 because of its price.

If you are thinking about buying this new Apple product, this article might help you determine if you should buy this phone. In the comparison below, you will be able to learn what the advantages and disadvantages of this phone are. Let’s take a closer look:

The Advantages

There are various advantages that you can get by purchasing this phone including:

1. It is Quite Cheap

Perhaps the biggest factor when purchasing a smartphone is the price and the biggest advantage of getting this model is that it comes with a cheap price tag.

The starting price is 699 dollars (64GB), which is 50 dollars cheaper than last year’s XR model. If you are someone who stores their data on cloud platforms and someone who does not play a lot of space-hungry games on their phone, you can opt for getting the 64GB model.

2. The Display is a Large And Wonderfully Designed


One of the factors that contributed to the lower prices is the display. It is a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD IPS LCD, rather than OLED screens traditionally used on high end devices. Although it is an LCD screen, the size of it is larger, meaning that you will have a better experience when playing games or watching something on the phone.

3. The Front And Rear Cameras Are Improved

The front camera is now improved and has twelve megapixels. So, you will be able to take those wide-angle selfies that you have longed for. It also features two cameras on the rear side, which is an incredible upgrade from the traditional phones. The cameras are both equipped with a 12-megapixel sensor and they can focus in low light faster.

4. The Processor is Incredibly Powerful

Apple chose to implement an A13 bionic chipset in their new models. This chipset is more powerful, as well as power-efficient. The A12 integrated into other phones did not provide additional battery life, but the A13 chipset will add an additional hour to your battery life.

5. The Sound is Improved


The new models have spatial audio support in the speakers and they also have Dolby Atmos support. This will allow you to have a surround sound-like system while you are listening to music, watching something on your phone, as well as when you are playing video games.

6. The Battery Life is Extended

As previously mentioned, these models feature an A13 processor that prolongs the battery life for one hour and it also is more efficient. The iPhone 11 will also support wireless charging and fast charging, however, the fast charging will only occur if you choose to purchase the model that comes with an 18W charger.

The Disadvantages

You will also want to consider the disadvantages of this phone:

1. The Storage Space is at 64GB

The storage size for the cheapest model sadly starts at 64 GB. This is one of the major issues people who love having music, pictures, games, and videos on their devices. Some who opted for getting the 64GB model also had to start using cloud platforms for storing their data.

2. The Slow 5W Chargers


The biggest disappointment for a lot of iPhone users is that the box the phone comes in only features a 5W charger. The models that are more expensive come with an 18W charger, which allows users to charge their phones quicker. To be honest, I would not like getting a phone that will take hours to charge.

3. 5G Networks Will Not Work on This Phone

When you are paying a lot of money for a smartphone, you are expecting that it will also be able to have features that will support new innovations. However, with the new iPhone, that is not the case. The new models will not support 5G networks – which is quite bad since there will be more network operators offering the 5G services.

4. The Price is Different For Some Countries

Another interesting, yet disappointing thing about these new phones is that they come at a different price in some countries. For example, in India, the starting price for the 64GB model is 58.000 Indian Rupees, which is closer to 814 dollars.

This creates additional problems for people in India, especially if their phone breaks or if there is something wrong with the OS of the phone. If this happens to you, you will need to get your iPhone repaired and to check out what services you can get, visit

5. The Notch is Too Big


The iPhone 11 comes with a giant notch and its design is extremely similar to the XR model. Also, when compared to newer phones such as the Galaxy Note 10, it looks outdated and old. So, if you are planning on using your phone for several years, just know that it might look quite outdated by the time you choose to purchase a new one.

6. There is no USB-C

While the entire smartphone industry implements a USB-C standard, you will be stuck with the lightning port in the new iPhone models. Wait a few more months and you will see USB-C chargers everywhere, however, you will be left with the same old dongle that you will need to take with you wherever you go.


As you can see, there are various pros and cons that you will need to take into consideration when thinking about purchasing the iPhone 11. So, now that you know what you should consider, do not waste any more time, and start weighing all the positive and negative things in order to determine if this phone is for you.

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