What is the Best Anti Malware for Mac in 2024?

The Apple Mac computer may be less vulnerable to viruses and malware attacks, but this does not mean it is infallible. Many owners are led to believe that Apple computers are, in fact, immune to spyware, but this is not the case.

With viruses and malware becoming more sophisticated each year, there has never been more need to consider some of the best security software for Mac in 2024.

Here are four types of security software that you might wish to consider installing on your Mac immediately.

Anti-virus/malware protection against hackers

Unlike Windows computers, which come with basic anti-virus, the Mac computer does not come with pre-installed anti-virus and malware protection.

It has been said that the Mac does not need it. However, any computer can become infected with a virus, and as mentioned before, viruses and malware are becoming more sophisticated with new ones appearing regularly.
Therefore, it can pay to download and install well-known anti-virus and malware software. Norton and Bitdefender are two established companies offering anti-virus for MacOS that may be well worth considering.

VPN for security and privacy


Another highly recommended tool for security and privacy online is a VPN, aka Virtual Private Network.
ExpressVPN, for instance, offers a secure VPN client for Catalina, High Sierra, Mojave, Yosemite, El Capitan, and previous versions of macOS.

A VPN is easy and quick to install on a variety of devices, including MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, and iMac mini.

With a VPN for Mac, owners can mask their IP address and use one from a server offered by the VPN provider. That means their exact location is hidden away from prying eyes of hackers and cybercriminals.

Another security measure is the encrypted tunnel placed between the Mac and the internet. VPN providers use military-grade encryption. All information you send over the internet using your Mac is encrypted, so if anyone were to come across it, it is unreadable. That includes your details, such as user names and passwords along with your bank account details, credit card numbers, and everything else you type.

If you’re looking for a right VPN provider for your Mac, we recommend you to check here:

Firewall software to stop attacks

Mac computers come with a firewall pre-installed. However, strangely, it is not enabled by default. Instead, users have to go into the settings and will allow it.

The firewall only offers protection for inbound traffic, which only protects against some attacks. With malware becoming more complex over time, multiple layers of outbound and inbound protection is best.

You might be wondering why you would want outbound protection? Well, if your device does have malware on it and you do not know about it, with outbound protection, you can ensure it cannot it won’t be able to connect to the internet.

Instead of relying on the proprietary firewall, you might wish to download and install one of the firewalls from companies specializing in this type of software.

A firewall will help to protect against worms, Trojans, and other network parasites and stop them from gaining access to your Mac.

Some popular choices for macOS include Hands Off!, Little Snitch 3, and Radio Silence.

Password manager to store hard to guess passwords


A password manager can be a valuable security tool for owners of Mac computers as it allows for the creation of hard to guess passwords and you do not have to remember them.

While it might be easier for you to choose a date of birth, your hometown, or favorite football team as a password, these are easy to guess. That is all the information that people can generally find out about you through social media.

When using a password manager, you can use a password mixed with letters, numbers, upper and lowercase, all random, which are a great deal more challenging to guess. You do not have to remember them, and the manager will automatically fill the password in when you visit the site.

Dashlane, LastPass, and KeepassX are all password managers popular with owners of Macs.

Backup software in case of emergencies

If your Mac is hacked, is infected with malware, or worst still, you are the victim of a ransom attack, you might lose your valuable data.

It is better to be safe rather than sorry, so backups should be considered essential. Apple does offer backup software called Time Machine, and it runs in the background of the computer making incremental backups to a connected hard drive on the network.

However, there are other options out there to consider instead of relying on the free pre-installed backup option.
For instance, using ChronoSync, you can synchronize files and make backups, along with a bootable backup. If you want to make a clone of your disc, you might consider Acronis True Image, which also comes with the option of online reserves so you can access them wherever you are.

Keep emails safe with email security software


Email is an excellent way of keeping in touch, but it does have issues. One of the most significant downsides is hackers taking advantage of the fact it is easy to spread malware. Another disadvantage is spam and phishing emails.

Hackers can pretend to be from your bank, PayPal, eBay, or online shopping accounts. Most of the time, the emails look official, and you are none the wiser when it tells you to change your password. When you click on the link, you are sent to a malicious website. In some cases, when you click on links, malware is downloaded and installed automatically to your device. Your files and personal information are then at risk; even your whole computer can be taken over.

Thankfully, email security software can be installed on your Mac computer to check incoming emails and detect malware, viruses, and spam.

Some of the most popular choices of software and services for MacOS include SpamTitan for filtering out spam emails, Email, and SolarWinds Mail Assure.

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