Google Nexus Foo 10.3 inch Full HD Display and Tegra 4 Processor appeared online

GFXBench today made the benchmark with Google Nexus Foo which is going to be the next flagship for Tablet by Google. It will be featuring a 10.3inch Full HD display. The processor on the tab is the Nvidia Tegra 4 which will be running on 2.0Ghz clockspeed and it will be a Octa-core processor with ARM Cortex-A15 and ARM V7. It will also boasts a 2GB RAM for fast multitasking and the internal storage for this tablet would be 16GB. There are many features which are not present in this Tablet like the camera, GPS, lightsensor, Sim-Card.

Google Nexus Foo

As per the picture, this Tablet doesn’t come with a camera, doesn’t even come with a touch display, and doesn’t also feature a SIM card. There could be a possibility that this Tablet would be a fake or the news is fake or this is just a test version of some Tablet.

The thing which we feel by looking at this is, the OS used on the Tablet is a Android Wearable OS, and more strange thing is the device supports OpenGL ES 2.0 and the latest OS like KitKat supports OpenGL ES 3.0. This could be a total false news so don’t mind on the specification side, but we will look over the news to get some info on this.

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