Dragon Raja: 4 Initial Classes and Which One You Should Pick

Dragon Raja, based on a Chinese popular fantasy novel series of the same name, is a mobile MMORPG with futuristic scenery around the world. You must have heard that it is made of the Unreal Engine 4-the most world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation platform giving players stunning graphics and immersive experiences. It has received a lot of praise from mobile gamers since it announced the global release date.

In this post, you’ll know exactly who you should pick at first among all classes as well as the game features!

Four classes in the Dragon Raja mobile MMORPG

There are four classes to choose with three genders. You can be Male, Female, or Lolita. The initial four Dragon Raja classes are Blade Master, Gunslinger, Assassin, Soul Dancer.

1. Blade Master

Position: Warrior/Tank

Weapons: Sword and Blade

Blade Master looks a samurai with the fighting style which reminds people of blooming cherry blossoms. As you can see it’s the vanguard in the team, Blade Master is always the first one to wipe out the enemy!

The first sight you notice with Blade Master must be two sharp blades -Meitou & Large Tachi. Blade Master could release gorgeous slashes to defeat the enemy using Meitouo and resist attacks with a Large Tachi. In battle, Blade Master can switch between these two weapons quickly. Fierce dragons could never survive from an excellent Black Master with high damage and controlling skills.

Blade Master battle video

huttle through enemy attacks and fight like blooming cherry blossoms?. Blade Master perfectly interprets the spirit of Bushido!Although they do not have the shields of ordinary soldiers?️, they have a Large Tachi that can resist attacks. They can also use Meitou to release gorgeous slashes to defeat the enemy. The most important point is that Blade Master can switch between these two weapons in battle.If you are a keen melee player and determined to become the most brave warrior on the road to dragon killing, then Blade Master will be your best choice! ?Triss would like to ask you a small question. What do you think is the class positioning of Blade Master? A melee burst DPS? Or rather a sustained DPS? Or do they resist the enemies as tank? Triss looking forward your opinion! Anyway don’t forget to pre-register for Dragon Raja and enjoy more exciting gameplay in the game!???#DragonRaja #MMORPG #Newyear #BladeMaster ?Pre-register in App Store & Google Play now? website▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️

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2. Gunslinger

Position: Gunner

Weapons: Guns

Gunslinger is the one with the most gears in Dragon Raja among all four classes. If you think of this guy a big, bulky one, then you’re wrong! Quickly hunting and killing the enemy like falcons, there will be no way out once they target an enemy.

The Gunslinger possesses the most luxurious armory-Particle Beam, SPI Landmine, HMG, Tesla Solenoid, and even the Satellite of Divine Judgment as they’ve won the favor of the Gear Department of Cassell College. They can attack or retreat on the battlefield as they want with different types of weapons.

This class, which is a relatively comprehensive profession, has advantages in PVP, which gives you a good gameplay experience. And it is an easy-to-learn character which is a good choice for beginners to get started.

Dragon Raja: Gunslinger battle video

Like falcons precisely hunting their preys?, or hunters quickly killing the enemy?, Gunslinger is the person with the most gears in Dragon Raja, because they’ve won the favor of the Gear Department of Cassell College.In combat, they will first bury SPI mines under their feet to control opponents and prevent attacks from them, and then use heavy machine guns to create a large range of fire suppression.?For concentrated enemies, they will use Tesla coils to paralyze the enemies, or summon satellites in the universe to attack them with a precise strike.⚡At the end of the battle, they will use secret weapons-alpha ion cannons to annihilate the enemy, and when necessary, they will use optical camouflage stealth to Attack or retreat.?With different types of weapons, Gunslingers can attack or retreat on the battlefield freely. It is a relatively comprehensive profession. Among the many weapons and gears, which one do you like the best? Come and discuss with Tirss!❤️#MMORPG #DragonRaja #HappyNewYear #PVP #PVE #Gunslinger?Pre-register in App Store & Google Play now? website▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️…VK▶️

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3. Assassin

Position: Wizard/Assassin

Weapons: Special Exoskeleton

We have little information about this one, because those who have seen Assassin, failed to come back alive in the end, and those who fortunately escaped from the disaster also have a very confused memory of Assassin.

Equipped with next-gen weapons that combine Dragon Blood and modern technology, Assassins could transform their weapons into different shapes to attack enemies. Assassins could give high performance in complicated combats with their strong weapons. They have two available forms: normal and raid.

The class doesn’t have many advantages in team fights. It’s not recommended to use this one which is the hardest character at the beginning.

Dragon Raja: Assassin battle video

Assassin can be said to be the most mysterious figure of Cassell College?. Some people say that they stand on the edge of the battlefield like a mage and control the power of obsidian?. They can release the power hidden in obsidian to form a slowing force field and can continue to damage, or seal themselves in the obsidian to be immune to all damage?. .Others say that they are ghostly and always haunting the enemies, waiting for the deadliest blow to the enemy in the most hidden place on the battlefield?️. They hide themselves in the dark mist, and no action will reveal their position, like a ghost?.Of course, these are just legends. After all, no one can give exact information, because all those who have seen Assassin, failed to come back alive in the end☠️, and those who fortunately escaped from the disaster also have a very confused memory of Assassin. Could not be referenced.?So the mystery of Assassins needs to be solved by you. Are you ready?? What kind of class do you think Assassins will be? Or what do you think of Assassins? Please comment below the post, Triss looks forward to your comments!?#MMORPG #DragonRaja #HappyNewYear #PVP #PVE #Assassin?Pre-register in App Store & Google Play now? website▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️…VK▶️

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4. Soul Dancer

This character is the one who gets the most attention. Interesting to see a shadow by their side, doesn’t it? Instead of being a fragile being as a support role, they are indispensable in a team no matter in PvP and PvE!

Soul Dancers have the power of manipulating time and space for damage output during combats. As a healer, it could heal teammates. But as for enemies, they could turn them into helpless cute rubber duck! They can build a pact with teammates, which reduces the damage to the whole team. In addition, they can use certain skills twice in succession because they have the capability of imitating skills from Soul Dancer themselves!

It’s the best class for beginners and its stylish look is appealing!

Dragon Raja: Soul Dancers battle video

Compared with Blade Master’s fierce and explosive⚔️⚔️ performance in fight, Soul Dancer is relatively “peaceful” as a support role that always followed by its shadow??. But don’t look down upon them because they are indispensable in a team no matter in PvP and PvE! Soul dancers is not only able to deal decent damage, they also can provide more supportive and protective stuff:?They can build a pact?? with teammate and make teammates bigger and faster with damage reduction! In other words, they make teammates become both stronger and more flexible in the fight!?Their skills can slow down? and even freeze? enemies, they are also able to turn opponents into a cute rubber duck?!?Moreover, they can reverse time and provide shields?️?️ and healing bonus to their teammates to restore quickly after being attacked critically.❤️Last but not least, their Geminis?? are able to imitate skills from Soul Dancer themselves so they can use certain skills twice in a row!Sound fantastic, doesn’t it?‼️ Triss saw many of you guys are interested in Soul Dancers and will you make up your mind to go for it after watching the video? Feel free to leave any comments towards this class below!#MMORPG #DragonRaja #HappyNewYear #PVP #PVE #SoulDancers ?Pre-register in App Store & Google Play now? website▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️

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Dragon Raja Features

The game supports full character customization. That means you could customize your character as you want it to be like including beautiful appearances, gorgeous, and edgy outfits, and even your own personalities. You’re the special and unique one in this Grand open-world.

Besides real-time battles, there is a powerful social system in Dragon Raja. A lot of fun things you could do like racing to enjoy the thrill of speed, go to the club for a grand party with your friends or a designated NPC. Also, don’t forget to do parkour among skyscrapers in the city or glide freely in the air without the fear of being injured. There are more fantasy gameplay and scenery that I haven’t mention here.

Dragon Raja is an intense game with both PvE and PvP combat. Besides fighting with world bosses, dungeons, you can battle in real-time and massive 100 PvP battles. You can also experience endless conflict between 3 races: humans, dragons, and half-bloods. The most important point is that mixed elements from both the West and the East are put into the grand, immersive world for you to explore.

Play Dragon Raja on PC Smoothly

To play Dragon Raja on PC, it requires a stable and powerful Android emulator. The best optimized Android emulator for Dragon Raja is LDPlayer. LDPlayer is a free Android emulator for PC. It can perfectly run the Chinese version of Dragon Raja and so will the English one. This emulator targets mobile gamers giving the fantastic gameplay experience. Based on Android 5,1,1 and 7,1,2, it supports high-graphics games smoothly like PUBG, Black Desert Mobile, etc. If you don’t have a high spec PC, LDPlayer behaves decently.

  1. Search “LDPlayer” on Google and download the executable.
  2. Click the executable and finish the installation automatically.
  3. Once the installation is done, open the LDPlayer on your desktop.
  4. Search “Dragon Raja” and download the right one. You should sign in your Google account before starting the installation.

What are you waiting for? Pick up your ideal class and download the LDPlayer to join the world of Dragon Raja on PC.

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