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Top 10 Celebrity Cosmetic Fiascos

The cosmetics industry has grown over the years, and each decade had its own makeup trend that everyone in the world followed. We are all inspired by celebrities when it comes to fashion and makeup trends, but not all of them looked that great now that we take a look back at one particular era.

Kylie Jenner is one of the biggest makeup moguls today, just like Kim Kardashian West, and their contouring and highlighting era hasn’t stopped yet. However, some took that trend too far and created somehow a monster of themselves. The key to contouring and highlighting is a lot of blending, and while it may look good enough under specific lighting, when flash photography is present, every little mistake is more than visible.

There were times when celebrities didn’t look as great when it came down to their cosmetics and makeup artist choice. We all expect that our beloved stars look their best when they hit the red carpet, but some of them weren’t all that glamorous, and all of that was due to their makeup fiascos.

Here is a video of ten celebrities’ cosmetics disasters. You will find Nicky Minaj and her nose contour failure, Nadine Coyle, Lil’ Kim, Taraji P. Hensen, Kelly Osborne, and many more. Take a look.


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