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Top 20 Best Apps to track Lost Smartphones

16. Locate My Droid: 

Similar to all other App this also works in the same manner. Through its office site you can simply locate the phone from any location. This also needs an active GPS connection. Its official site has ample features through which you can find where the mobile phone is.

17. Android Lost:

As the name suggest the App will try to find your phone when it is gone missing. Now this App can help you to get your phone data instantly. Like you can read your phone text message if you want through the site. You can run a full phone format from the site and you can delete each and everything from the phone. If the device is located and if it is nearby you can run an audible alarm. And you can find it. And you can also forward your calls to other number.

18. Prey:

This App is bit different. If you are quiet concern about the privacy of your device then going for Prey will help you a lot. It has the same option to locate the phone when it is stolen. It is a free App and is also available for iOS. The App has a tracking option but being a free App you have to start syncing the phone to the online site. Or else it won’t work well. Once the device is lost you can login to the online site and start tracking it. You can explore more features in the site.

19. Plan B:

This is something new and it brings a few unique benefits which is hard to find on other Apps. If your device is stolen you can locate it through its online site. IF the thief has removed the App from the phone it can be again installed automatically on the same. All you have to do is go and login to the site and you can use your Gmail account for that. And you get a message about your device location.

20. Smart Look:

This one is accurate but you have to react very fast when you are using this App. It will allow you a GPS based tracking option and you get the location on Goggle maps like other. Along with this the App will take images of the thief and it will mail the same to you and you can find him.

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