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Top 20 Best Apps to track Lost Smartphones

21. Avast! Mobile Security:

Avast is an antivirus and with protecting your mobile from malware, it brings some security feature also. It allow you to protect your device from different threats and one your phone is stolen you can locate it back again easily. It has simple tracking solution that work well. It has impressive anti-theft protection.

22. iCloud:

This one is a popular service for iOS devices. But now the same is also available on Android and other platform. It is popular and secure. It offers you a dual benefit. You can locate your phone and you can also get your data backup. Because it uploads your content on the could. The service starts by activating Find My iPhone. And the service will try to locate your phone location. It will is very helpful to use and has accurate results.

23. Cerberus Anti theft: 

This is for those who want a complete solution for mobile tracking It is App. that has full set of feature to locate your phone and it is also a effective solution. It comes with a lot of security features. It is a paid App. You get a chance to test this for a wee for free and later on you had to buy to get full features. It has a simple remote control option through which you can do a lot thing. You can track our phone; you can lock the device, record audio, or simply take a picture. The App will automatically try to locate the phone through GPS even when it is turned on. It will turn it on. And if you are not having any internet connection on the device you can simply remote control it through sms. It is a worth testing Application and every effective also.

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