One Of The Best Text To Speech Technology Platform in 2024

Have you ever wanted to convert text to voice online, but weren’t able to because you didn’t find any reliable or working platform for it? We bring to you Notevibes which allows you to convert your text into speech effortlessly.

When a computer “reads” a document and transforms it into spoken words, we call it “text to speech“.  The artificial production of human speech has been possible for many years. It is only recently that the quality of the voice has improved to the point where it is difficult to distinguish between a talking computer and human speech.  This has led to many new applications such as Text Speaker for text-to-speech software.

People can say the same word differently.  There are regional differences, called accents or dialects.  Men and women speak in different tones. And of course, words are pronounced differently in different languages.  Because of these variations, text-to-speech programs use different voices to speak the text. These voices can speak in many of the most common accents, and pronounce words according to the rules for different languages.  You should listen to samples of several voices, and choose the ones that sound best to you.

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There are several voice technologies available.  We recommend using SAPI 5 voices if available.  Read Voice Software: select a text to speech voice for more information about voices.

Since the speech engine actually “sounds” the words knowing how the letters are pronounced, there are no limits to the program’s vocabulary.  It can read any word.

Modern text-to-speech software looks amazingly similar to life, and people are using Windows software such as Text Speaker for more and more applications:

Education: A computer that can read aloud is an excellent tool for teaching reading.  Beginner readers can follow along with g while the computer reads. Text Speaker highlights the word being read, helping the student to learn it.  Reading speed is adjustable and can be adapted to a learner at any skill level. Text-to-speech is also used in the teaching of foreign languages. By having a native speaker’s voice read the text, the student can correct the pronunciation anytime, anywhere.

Audio Narration: Many times a script has been transformed into spoken audio.  For example, you may have a telephone menu system or a video-based tutorial that needs a voice-over.
Text-to-speech software can turn the typed script into MP3 files quickly and easily.  This can be especially useful when the script changes often. No need to wait for a human actor to be available – just change the script and use Text Speaker.

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Accessibility: One of the most important uses of text-to-speech systems is to help people who have difficulty reading. This technology can be useful to a wide range of people:

  • The visually impaired
  • People with reading difficulties such as dyslexia
  • Children too young to read

Proofreading You will be surprised how useful Text Speaker is in your daily work.  For example, listening to a document read aloud is often the best way to proofread.  Some mistakes, such as a double word (did you catch that?) are hard to spot when reading but impossible to miss if you listen.

Modern technology has made it possible for anyone to use text to speech.  Whether you are learning a new language, creating a telephone voice menu or having trouble reading, Text Speaker can make your life easier and better.

You can get started right off the bat with our free plan and test the waters without having to go through the trouble of signing up for free trials or giving your banking details. This platform was built after having to go through the same trouble of coming across the shady text to voice converters. But rest assured you have come to the right place and I can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed in the end. Customer satisfaction is our utmost target and we are always working towards improving and adding new features to our platform.

You can convert your text into 17 different languages using 157 natural voices. This is something that you won’t find anywhere else. You will also be able to convert your text easily once you get comfortable with our advanced editor which was built with the target of being as user friendly as possible. If you get stuck somewhere or are not able to understand any functionality then our customer care is always happy to help you no matter which plans you are currently subscribed to.

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You won’t have to go anywhere else now. You will find everything you need on our platform and even if you don’t then do let us know and we would be glad to integrate that feature into our platform. Our platform has been developed by people who have vast experience in speech synthesis and text to speech conversion. Every single audio file that you generate using our platform will be of the best quality and will sound completely natural and realistic. No one will be able to suspect that this is an automated voice.

Now let’s talk about our packages. We offer two premium packages and one free package. you can always start with the free package and once you get comfortable you could subscribe to our premium packages. Although with our free package you only get 5,000 characters of text to voice conversion. Whereas with our premium packages you get 100000 characters with the $9/month package and 1 million characters with a $90/month package. Additionally, you also get a file storage option in the premium packages which isn’t available with the free package. The best thing about our free package is that you don’t have to give any banking details to us like other platforms. It’s completely free.

Once you start using our platform you will understand that it’s been created with the user in mind. So go ahead and give our platform a try and I’m sure you won’t have to look into any other platform anymore for your text to speech conversion requirements. Notevibes is your one-stop-shop for all your text to speech conversion needs and with the constant updates to the platform, you will enjoy it.

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