7 Best Parental Apps for Parents of 2024

In the last two decades, things have evolved rapidly in terms of technology. May it be a minor task or a major task both are done with the help of a machine. There is no way to avoid their involvement in the day to day life. Even if you try to do so for 7 days you will feel paralyzed. It’s like a rat race of robots.

Albeit the negatives there are positives too, for instance, people can finally avoid doing a job that are harmful to their health, get globally connected and even get help in doing tasks.

Taking the aspect of parenting into view, it is one of the biggest responsibilities humans’ take. They certainly need the help of others at all times for especially guardians and grandparents. However, if neither is available technology can assist you in doing that job.

1. Baby Connect (activity logger)

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Are you afraid of taking some off time once you’ve become a mother and also afraid to join back your job because you can’t see to trust the baby with anyone, not even the grandparent and far off the nanny? Only, because you can’t shake off that feeling of something bad happening to your baby or being away from them referred to as ‘mother guilt’. Then this app will come to your safety whilst you are away you can make sure that your baby is well-fed, emotionally taken care off, given their naps and feeds on time. Now you can get all this on the touch of your fingers.

2. Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

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Being a single parent and doing a job after which coming home to cook is enough stress for one person. On top of that if you even have to think of a new recipe each day which the children would eat readily is frustrating. This app will help you discover all those recipes which they would love. Also, this will keep your shopping list ready at all times so that once you’re home and ready to cook you won’t have to go out again just because you don’t have a  sauce or vegetable.

3. OurHome – chores, rewards, groceries, and calendar

Source: Innov8tiv

Making youngsters do their chores and homework is a pain in the ass for every guardian. Each time it ends up with grounding or punishing them making them rebellious and hateful towards their elder. OurHome will help them remember their respective chores and duties. They also get a bit of encouragement once they complete the job.

4. Winnie – Daycare, Preschool & Parenting

Source: Orlando Moms Blog – City Mom Collective

Often new parents are stressed about doing the right things and making the best decision for their little ones. Winne will help them connect with other fellow people who are dealing with the same things or have experience in taking those decisions. Here you can take advice on what to feed them at what age? Which ore-school is the best? What age they should start poop training them? Or what actions to take when they are sick? Getting reliable advice certainly makes things easier for everyone.

5. FamiSafe

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In the digital era everyone has access to the internet may it be adults or teenagers.  Now you can’t stop them from because where the internet has it’s dangers it also has benefits. In these times even schools have homework that requires students to use the internet. However, if you give them access to the World Wide Web there are also looming dangers like cyberbullying, pedophiles, phishing and them possibly giving out their personal information. Famisafe will help you protect their innocence and ensure safe use. It will monitor the activity and inform you in case of anything suspicious.

6. Our Family Wizard

Source: PR Newswire

If you are co-parenting it is essential that both of you have access to all the information about the offspring at all times. This was developed by a divorced couple so it was designed keeping every factor in mind. For instance, it will help you set child custody schedule, track-time, share essential information and manage the expenses of the young one. It also suggests helpful counselors for children as this time is the hardest for them and even the parents can use it. Also if you are worried about finding a good divorce lawyer you won’t have to anymore because this has been dealt with.

7. Scholly App


Times are hard and things have gotten more and more expensive over the years. However, the paycheck of jobs remains the same. The issue that arises is that people live from paycheck to paycheck and there are no savings that can be done. Colleges are expensive and without them, a bright career is hard to think of. Not everyone is that lucky to get on Ellen Show and get a scholarship! Here comes your savior Scholly this will help you find a good scholarship with which you kid can get the education they deserve and into the college they have always dreamed. If they have the ability and brilliance then nothing can stop them from changing their future.

These apps are there to assist you and make things easier for you but that does not mean that you become completely dependent on these. You still have to keep a watchful eye on them and make sure they are safe at all times.

Make your adolescent a friend and make them comfortable enough that they can come to you with their problems instead of hiding and dealing with them on their own. This will lead to bigger consequences then you can imagine. Allow them the freedom they desire with a few rules that they have to follow

If you feel your child is becoming too rebellious or always lost in thoughts taking them to a therapist as soon as you can. There is no harm in getting opinion after all nothing matters more than them.

Lastly, enjoy this time with them because these caterpillars will soon become butterflies and leave your nest to do greater things in life

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