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The internet has given us much more power over resources than ever before. With newer avenues at every corner, people are now becoming more creative with their ideas for a new business strategy. Online businesses have grown pretty well over the past few years. E-commerce has flourished beyond question. Web development companies are coming up with customized solutions to leverage the technology at its best. Amidst these business-oriented developments, content creators have come across several platforms that provide them with the needed tools. However, the question is, which platform is the best one for the job?

Understanding the significant perks: Custom CMS

Now here’s the thing, for now, there are two primary contenders for content creation. One is the widely known WordPress, while the other is none other than the custom CMS. Content creators now face a dilemma over choosing the right platform for their content creation process. While WordPress might be having the numbers for now, when it comes to custom CMS, the number of perks far outnumber that of WordPress.

The digital age has now given the power to a lot of people, and they’re all doing an excellent job creating content like no other. Since developers and creators nowadays need more intriguing tools and whatnot to create their perfect version of a website, a custom CMS offers the following perks over WordPress.

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Far more secure than WordPress

Having a custom CMS provides the edge in terms of security. WordPress has a designated set of protocols that serve everyone; it sounds good on paper for starters, but once you get decent knowledge of the loopholes the code contains, securing the website becomes a tough job. On the other hand, a custom CMS provides the opportunity to design everything from the start; this makes adding more security features easier.

Enhanced flexibility

WordPress is a designated platform that has a given template upon which one can design things as per his/her choice. Even after providing a standard model to work with, some additional features cannot be added or removed by the client. But if one works on a custom CMS, he/she can add or remove the options as per his/her liking. In this way, custom CMS is more flexible than WordPress.

Better speed

Numerous people visit their websites that are managed by WordPress. This creates a surge in the number of participants at a given instance. The dense traffic slows down the access speed and hence delays the website’s opening time. Using a custom CMS negates this problem by providing a fresh way to access the site without having to pass through a ton of traffic. For better website access speeds, one should always choose a custom CMS. If you’re looking to speed up your site then UKWebHostReview has put together a nice guide on how to improve page speed (which is especially important with the recent core vitals Google update).

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Better customer support

It is a well-known fact that a well-established name tends to offer its customers a decent number of supporting features. Customer support is an essential component that tends to serve the user in times of trouble or added needs. A fixed policy tends to offer a given set of solutions to a problem, but having a custom CMS provides a lot more user-defined features that end up helping him/her in times of distress.

  • Usability

WordPress was designed for beginners; it is famous for its simplicity; you do not have to be a professional. WordPress can be used without hiring any web developer, and it is excellent if you want to publish your content regularly.

On the other hand, custom CMS, a platform designed for your specific needs. There are all the tools available on an excellent custom CMS you need without any unwanted features. The users see what they need to see to do their job. It is effortless to learn to use an intuitive custom CMS, and by that, you will save a lot of training time.

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  • Cost

A custom CMS has more options to use than WordPress. However, it takes more time and requires an experienced professional web developer with an advanced set of skills. Hence, if you use a custom CMS for your website, then you would have to pay substantially more than you would pay for a website built on WordPress. But the quality of the website built on a custom CMS is better than the website built on WordPress. So it is up to you how much money you want to invest in having a project which is better and safer and the others.

  • Client inputs

On WordPress, while making a website, you can not explore that many options you have to work with whatever is available. But on the other hand, while using a custom CMS, you work with your professional web developer directly. By doing so, you can make sure that it fulfills all the requirements of your projects with so many options. While working on a custom CMS, you are directly involved with your project, and it adds a personal touch to it.

  • Implementation

WordPress uses a pre-installed structure that keeps the cost of your project down, and he helps to ensure a higher ROI.

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A custom CMS requires a great deal of time investment and money if you are hiring a professional web developer. However, if you decide to customize your WordPress website, it will also require extended development time, and the extra work is done will cost you more money.

There is no doubt that WordPress is everyone’s go-to CMS because it is straightforward to use. There are so many plugins, and it does not need any professional help to work that reduces the time and money. However, with all these perks, a custom CMS is always a better option than WordPress. Because the priority has always been security, which WordPress can not give you.

WordPress is an open-source platform. Hence, it exposes your business to many dangers and puts the safety of essential data about your customers in a very vulnerable state. That would be the last thing you want to happen to your business at a time when every day, so many sites are being hacked.

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