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5 IT Career Paths Worth Pursuing in 2023

Finding what you want to do in life and what kind of career you should aim to build in 2023 is quite difficult, especially when you consider there are hundreds of different job positions you can consider. But, it is also pretty obvious that humans are focusing their future towards technological development, digitalization, and everything else that is tech-related. In just a couple of decades or maybe even years from today, who knows what kind of tech advances we will see?

So, what does this tell us exactly? Well, to put it simply, every business in the future will be in need of some kind of IT helper or tech developer. In fact, even today, the business world is entirely reliant on technology. Have you ever seen a company these last couple of years that is no equipped with at least a dozen computers and a cloud server?

Storing information is completely digital these days, paper is outdated and many companies have already realized that. Even inventing new products or creating new ideas is completely digital these days too. With the help of computers, humans can do anything, without limitations.

This means that in 2023 and the next several decades, the world will be in the need of IT experts and assistants. So, if you have just started building your career path, you should definitely consider the IT industry.

1. Web development career

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One of the most popular career paths in the IT sector is web development. The programming languages are usually easy to learn and the entire process of building a webpage has been simplified by ten-fold when compared to just a couple of years ago. Learning the ways of a web developer requires a lot less knowledge of classic programming languages such as C, C++, or Python. Most companies today prefer to use HTML, CSS, or Java which are much easier to understand when compared to Python, for example.

Not only going to this career path is simple, but it is also very promising. Almost every business today needs to have a reliable and good-looking website. Have you seen a successful start-up company in these last couple of years without one? In other words, there are millions of job openings every day around the world. If you are good in web development, you won’t have trouble getting hired.

The average salary for this kind of job is around 60k to 70k a year.

2. IT management


Since so many job positions are opening for all kinds of IT experts and developers, there needs to be someone who will manage all of them, right? Just like when a company is starting to branch out and hire more employers, there is a need for someone who will manage everyone.

An IT manager will coordinate his/her own team and will constantly push them to invent and update their innovations further. It is the manager’s duty to constantly push the company’s systems to further improve.

However, getting into this career is a bit tricky. Not only will you need to have knowledge of all kinds of computer tech, but you will also need to have a way with people too. The IT manager is supposed to be the level-headed person in the team that will always make rational decisions without being influenced by emotions. It’s a tough job, but it is a career path that is definitely worth taking in the year 2023.

The average salary for this kind of manager is around 130k to 140k. That is double than what the average web developer earns. If you are located in Brighton and you want to know more about the career paths you should pursue in your area, you should click here.

3. Software engineering

Source: The Blogs – The Times of Israel

One of the most versatile careers you can pursue in the IT sector. Software engineering is basically everything that requires programming. Someone that has acquired a diploma in this type of engineering will be able to handle all kinds of tasks. Whether it is a website, application, or new tech development, they will be qualified to do all of this. Their knowledge is broad, so becoming one, is definitely a very interesting option.

You should consider becoming a software engineer in 2023 because the average salary is great (around 100k) and you get to choose where you want to work because everyone is looking for a software engineer’s skills. Finding someone qualified is not easy which means you will be able to easily negotiate for a better salary.

4. Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence engineering

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It is no secret that artificial intelligence, machine learning, or just AI is one of the most advanced technological advancements that we have today. We can see the use of simple AI in many aspects of our daily lives. Computers, mobile phones, cars, and a lot more devices constantly have the help of some kind of basic AI. The future of artificial intelligence is limitless. Today, we are aiming to perfect self-driving vehicles through machine learning, and in a couple of decades, we might completely automate every single manufacturing process in the world.

The future in AI is very obvious and getting into this career means that you won’t have trouble finding a job position with a good salary. The average pay for an expert in machine learning or AI is around 150k which is currently the highest one out of this list.

5. Data Analysis

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Today, every single company in the world is working with tons and tons of different data to predict the future of the industries and the market. Through data, a company can acquire a lot of useful information that would help them grow and lead a successful year.

However, analyzing data is not an easy job, and finding someone that will have the skill of doing such a thing is very rare. Taking the career path of a data analyst, you will surely find yourself in a situation with hundreds of job offers. The average salary of a data analyst is around 110k to 120k.

There are tons of different career paths a person can take in the IT industry, but these 5 are the most compelling ones in 2023.

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