7 Gift Ideas for Manly Men on Special Occasions

“Well, it’s the emotion that counts,” would probably be the last thing that you want to hear from your man after you have spent so much time and money on selecting the gift for him. Buying gifts for men can be a daunting task, and more than often, we spent too much on gifts than we should, but still don’t hit the mark.

To some males, being manly is vitally important in their day-to-day life. They enjoy showing off to the world how tough and virile they are. Some of them even perform extraordinary feats of brute strength by doing crazy stunts such as lifting a car with the bare hands or jumping a car across the flaming field. You need to be remarkably smart to choose the manly gifts for such men in your life. A gift that will help him to be more masculine or at least as manly as him is ideal.

Fortunately, with a tad bit of creativity and elbow grease, anyone can whip something together that will surely have your beau smiling for weeks. We have scoured a list of the best manly gifts for your man to make him feel more special.

1. Manly Customized Items for A Macho Man

Source: Cabin Goddess

An important thing that goes hand in hand with a strong manly man is pride. Whether he is fiercely proud of his alma mater, hometown, or country, he wants a souvenir. Who doesn’t like something customized with his name or favorite quote printed on? A manly man who wants to show to the world that what he is up to and what are his capabilities will love a customized bandana, a badge reel, or a silicone wristband. Customized items can be a great gift for your loved one and can bring you closer to him, as he will admire your care and love.

Though giving customized items is an excellent choice to be considered as a manly gift, it can be daunting to get your hands on high-quality items as the market is filled with cons—nothing to worry about as we have your back in this regard as well. We have found out the 4inlanyards who specializes in making the customized item and has a proven record of satisfied customers. Do you want to ruin the special day of your man by giving him a low-quality and sub-standard gift? He will love a wristband with his name or a bandana with his favorite macho quote printed on it for sure.

2. The Ultimate Beer Lover Gift

Source: The BroBasket

Whether he is a cold brew lover or likes a stiff drink, just think outside the box and vouch for a beer tub for him. Many online service providers have a package or can even make a customized basket for you.

The beers in this basket are chosen by the craft beer experts, or you can ask them to put the beer of your man’s choice at checkout to get precisely what your man will love. You will get a large metal tub with bottle opener and pint glass along with popcornopolis gourmet flavored popcorn. Do you want to add a greeting card with your lovely message on it? You will get it from them as a token.

3. Perfect Manly Gift for Meat Lovers

Source: The Grommet

An effective way to ensure that the burly, muscular guy you are shopping for will love the gifts is if it is according to his likings or not. A food lover, specifically a meat lover, would like to have a grill set. Men love meat, especially bacon and beef jerky. If you want to aid the meaty hobbies of your man, prepare some homemade barbecue sauce with dry rubs and package them in a grilling kit. It is a similar gift idea to the shaving kit, but the ingredients are quite budget-friendly.

You can easily find the skewers and other accessories at the dollar store near you. If you are good at sewing, then grab an apron from the dollar store and embroider his name on it or get it done from the professional. Then package the item with a ribbon to set inside the grill with the lip popped open. It will save the cost of your wicker basket and is a great option to kick start a grilling party for two.

4. A Cool Cigar Box

Source: TurboSquid

Who says manly men cannot be classy? Take James Bond as an example; he is classy, cool, and definitely manly, whether he is evading his enemies or is drinking a martini. Just like the manly guy, you will be shopping for; he also enjoys cigars. Having a personalized cigar case, your man can feel like a celebrity or a famous spy. He can display the case in the living room, man cave, or anywhere he chose where his buddies can refresh their minds by discussing some interesting topics while enjoying cigars.

Get his favorite quote or something manly carved on the case as it will declare his coolness every time he will have a meet-up over his place. Make sure to get a high-quality and perfectly crafted box that can add up to his personality in any way.

5. Scavenger Hunt

Source: Billetto

If you are planning a scavenger hunt, then you need to do a lot of work. But that will ultimately pay off with much more significant than your hard work. Buy another set of polos for your man and try to incorporate the places and related things to recall the fantastic memories of your relationship.

For an extra cozy and comfortable scavenger hunt, you can plan it in your home. Consider setting up a series of paragraphs around the house of two of you with clues written on the back. The search can always be ended up with a homemade and candlelit dinner in a comfy and unique location like the bedroom or the porch.

6. Shotgun Shell Coasters

Source: Average Outdoorsman

If you are married or in a relationship with a manly man, then you must know that they are practical and mature enough to know their worth and hobbies. They don’t even like getting a gift that doesn’t have a specific purpose. So, try to put your feet in their shoes and think accordingly. While you may be tempted to buy something cute, fun, and decorative, they will not like it at all or can think of it as childish behavior. You should only get the guys in your life something that they will actually use, and a set of shotgun coasters can be the best choice.

The shotgun shell coaster can be the best of both worlds for them as they are cool, fun, manly, decorative, and, most important, useful. He will be able to prove how courageous, cool, and bold; he is in front of his friends. Apart from this, if he is much concerned about his furniture, then these coasters will also prevent the furniture from getting condensation rings. These will look like a neat and manly decoration too.

7. A Dumb-bell Set

Source: Rep Fitness

The manliest of men are much concerned about keeping themselves in shape. They frequently go to the gym and work out for hours aiming for perfecting their physique as well as building muscles. Does it sound like the guy you are shopping for? Then get him an adjustable dumbbell set as it comes in alluring and ergonomically comfortable designs. He will never be out of shape and will love this excellent gift.

No one knows your man better than you. Thus, you are the one who can decide what he will love according to his likes and dislikes. Our list is just to give you an idea about the options available, and you can go for something else as there is a lot more to choose from.

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