Comprehensive Do’s and Don’ts for Office Relocation

When it comes to moving your business to a new location, you need to be organized. The process is more comprehensive and complicated than a house move, and usually, business owners are not prepared for it. Moreover, office moves are not predictable.

Trusted cross country moving companies associated with Pricing Van Lines provide office relocation services and help businesses move to distant locations. The expert at these companies states that business owners need to understand the unique nature of their move and accordingly, draft a moving strategy. However, these movers also say that there are a few do’s and don’ts of an office relocation that are imperative to follow for the success of the move Click Here for more details.

Experts state that slack packing, loading, and unloading of the moving inventory is one of the core reasons for damages. Rent a self storage unit. You can use the facility to keep unused items indefinitely or hold everything there while office repairs and renovations are underway. Whether you are in London, Greenwich, Birmingham, or Edinburgh-space is hard to come by, you never know how big your new office will be and how well your furniture will adjust. By working with companies like Henfield Storage, deal with space issues before they become a problem.

So, what are the core dos and don’ts that make your business moves successful? Let’s have a look:

Key Dos for an office relocation:

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  • First thing first, you need to work on a detailed moving timeline. A simple moving schedule won’t work; instead you need to make it comprehensive with details of task delegation.
  • Keeping your employees informed is very important. Make sure you communicate the plan of moving with your employees positively. Use all sorts of communication tools to ensure the message about the office relocation is sent to the employees loud, clear, and in a positive way.
  • Work on your delicate office items like office equipment. Delegate the duty to your IT department and ask the experts to disconnect all the details and prep them for the packing. Engage in professional packing services for efficient preparation.
  • Hire a full service moving company to ensure all your items are packed and moved with due care. Experts state that slack packing, loading, and unloading of the moving inventory is one of the core reasons for damages.
  • Make use of moving tags as much as possible. The moving company would provide you tags that you can use to tag all the items no matter how big or small. You must pay special attention to things like computer cables, small accessories, computer peripherals and more. You must know that things that aren’t tagged will not be moved. While tagging, make sure you put the tag at a location that is easy to locate.
  • Empty the desks, including the top two drawers, but let the lateral cabinets full beyond two drawers.
  • For items like fax machines and photocopying machines, make sure you connect with your vendor a take the required help.
  • Labeling the boxes is very important. Make sure you mark each box clearly with the essential details, including the items inside and the room they belong to.
  • Dismantle any item that can be easily dismantled. This will help you move delicate items more accurately without any fear of damaging it.

Key don’ts for an office move:

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  • Procrastination is your biggest enemy, and if you do not start in time, you will end up making a complete mess of your office relocation.
  • Please make sure your team is informed in advance to ensure that they have enough time to plan for the move. They will have to make arrangements at their end if they are expected to move with you.
  • Make sure you work on your lease before you leave the office building. If you are breaking the lease agreement, make sure you discuss the consequences with your lawyer.
  • Do not underestimate the moving process and delegate responsibilities to each one of your employees. The process is complex, and with proper task delegation, it can be easily managed.
  • Make sure you do not exhaust yourself. Take sufficient breaks during the moving process and ensure the same for your staff members.
  • Do not try to move or pack any complicated item of delicate nature. You might end up damaging it and making things worse. Wait for professionals to arrive and handle the moving and packing of these complicated items.
  • Do not move without intimating your stakeholders about the move. Update your new address and other contact details with all the key stakeholders and ensure smooth communication.
  • Do not over pressurize your employees on the moving day or the days before. This will break their morale, and you will have to deal with the loss of productivity when you set up the new office.
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Office moves are complicated because you not only have to move the office items but also the workforce. Preventing loss of productivity and ensuring a smooth transition is very important. These dos and don’ts guide you on how you can make your move easier and efficient. Hiring long distance moving companies that specialize in an office relocation is always helpful. The professionals will help you move efficiently. Make sure you follow them and move to the new place, all prepared to settles quickly and reap the benefits of the new market, resources, availability of labor, and other options that you get at the new place to nourish your business.

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