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Fun Facts: Crazy and Insane Things That You Need to Know

There are moments that our life is even more exciting because of some madness and craziness. They are the insane-est thing ever; you might think never existed or happened, and you are going to get astonished. There are unthinkable world facts that may not convince you but will prove people that loads of things are crazy and amazing that we might not notice or mind. There are more undiscovered and mysterious events or facts that you need to know, and it is always up to anyone how they can discover it.

Our Planet has many strange and beautiful things, that’s why you should always enjoy discovering new things. Most often, there are weird and unexplainable things that can trigger our curiosity. If we are curious about something, we will do anything to gather and digest new information. With that, people can gain more wisdom and knowledge that may be useful for future endeavors.

Learning and growing don’t stop even when you are not willing to learn new things; you still learn. In every corner of this world, many things can be learned daily, that knowledge is easily applied to your activities or tasks. This guide can offer useful but peculiar real facts, so if we have made you excited and yearning for more then, check out more crazy fun facts. So here’s a list of crazy and insane things that you may feel excited to learn.

Being on time in Venezuela is considered rude

Source: wired

Are you one of the people who are always late everywhere? Then this fun fact is perfect for you. While different cultures like the culture of japan practice punctuality with honor, but on the other hand, the citizens of Venezuela interpret anything punctual as a rude gesture. According to them, arriving on time or a little early is a sign of being too greedy or too impatient. Of course, being late is the rudest thing ever if you are in a different region or country.

The tiniest horse of this earth is only 22.36 inch tall

Source: timesnownews

The horse Bombel has the record of being the smallest horse in the world. The animal’s height is 56.7 cm or 1 foot, and 10 inches from its hoof to shoulders—this tiny Appaloosa is from Poland, Guinness World Record holds a record of the horse. The meaning of Bombel’s name is a bubble because of its round shape. Although this creature is the tiniest, nonetheless, Patryk and Katarzyna Zielińska, owners of the horse, states that it has a “huge heart and great personality.” He is a one-of-a-kind animal to exist.

The Past Color of the Earth was Purple

Source: blowingfacts

Former colors of the earth should have been purple as its green today, argues the scientists. Prehistoric microbes had the chlorophyll for sun’s rays for being bright and to give those living elements the shades of purple. Chlorophyll is the basic photosynthetic pigment in plants that can absorb the sun’s blue and red rays, and it can also reflect green rays. If the light is revealed, it gives plants a green color.

This is still a mystery to many biologists until today as the sun can transfer massive part of its energy in the green area’s visible spectrum.

The Right Amount of Adrenaline can give us Superhuman Strength

Source: espn

If we are facing a life and death situation, our body tends to release a hormone and it is our adrenaline. The human body makes a significant change when adrenaline kicks in, making you more agile. It provides a fantastic increase in strength and readiness to confront any danger. The pain of acute injuries is also taken away by the help of the right amount of adrenaline.

Our Planet has midriff point

Source: newscientist

The shape of our Planet is not a circle, nor is it completely oval; rather, it’s a spheroid, meaning oblate. Researchers also found out that in connection with the equator, the earth has a different shape. In old times, this Planet was slimmer near the equator and fatter near North and South poles. But, scientists recently have known that our earth is swelling near the equator. There are speculations that the main reason for this is global warming, and since ice is melting, the water level is redistributed throughout the Planet.

For an invisible artwork; $10,000 were paid

Source: artsy

The Art pieces can be crazy sometimes. Once some people saw eyewear left on the floor and considered it art, ‘inspiration on the museum floor’ was a piece of art. People there observed the glasses and even took pictures. That was a really crazy moment. Unfortunately, the craziness didn’t end there. Way back in 2011, a collector of art spent $10,000 on something that a person can’t touch or be exact, oxygen.

The art was fresh air, a sculpture that was also invisible by James Franco. It was called “Endless Tank of Oxygen.”

Finland is the country which s happiest in the world

Source: worldtravelguide

Our realm is becoming better, and the Scandinavian countries are the greatest place to spend life in. Finland was the happiest country last year and is the happiest one this year, too, closely tailed by Norway, Iceland, and Denmark. Netherland is a part of the top five too. Austria, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland, and Sweden, makes the top ten list.

UNESCO in 2019 published a WHR (world happiness report), and it stated that Finland is the best country, which is also the happiest one for two straight years. The report was created by surveys, asking the people about their life, how they live from one to ten. Interestingly, many different European countries like the Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, and Denmark follow Finland.

In South Korea red ink is considered bad

Source: medium

If you are in South Korea, then you might need to avoid using red ink. History suggests, Koreans wrote a dead person’s name with red ink. Therefore, writing with red ink is the worst kind of taboo in South Korea.


If you are eager for more exciting and fun facts, then there are more crazy facts. However, you need to research more and learn new things. These real facts are enjoyable to read, and mostly they provide helpful pieces of information.

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