Power of Varifocal Glasses

Presbyopia is an eye disorder where the loss of elasticity of the lens of our eyes cause farsightedness. This condition occurs due to age. It is common to have presbyopia from around the age of around 40 years old. Symptoms include blurred vision, weak vision in low lit conditions, headaches and eye strain. Using varifocal lenses can correct the problem of presbyopia. As the name suggests, varifocal lenses enable focusing on a various number of focusing distances for near, intermediate, and far sight.

When choosing the right pair of glasses, there will be several options. Some people often mistake in buying spectacles which have fixed focal length. They are commonly known as ready readers or ready-made glasses. People generally opt for them since they are cheaper. But it is very unwise to use them, especially in the long run. They can never replace prescription glasses. Wearing them for too long can cause any blurriness, eyestrain or headaches. The most annoying bit is you have to repeatedly adjust the position of your glasses to be able to see well since they are one-size-fit-all in nature. Each individual has a different prescription for their eyes, and ready-made glasses are not a solution.

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More about varifocal lenses

First and foremost, you should visit an optician who will examine your eyes and prescribe the right prescription of glasses. Prescription eyepieces will fix your eyesight in the best possible method. They will let you see clearly in every situation: reading, driving, everyday wear or for using digital devices.

Your optometrist can even customize your varifocal lenses precisely to your physiological and visual performance requirements. Varifocal lenses are tailored using a unique measurement process. They can correct your near-sightedness, the physical shape of your lens, your dominant eye and also the frame you need to use to guarantee your spectacles are individual to your optical needs and produce the most satisfying visual experience.

Most people delay wearing glasses even if they require one because they feel they don’t look good in spectacles. That’s a wrong perception. I bet they haven’t found the right frames for them. When you visit an optical shop, you might feel overwhelmed by the variety of collections available. Few pairs of glasses look intriguing on the shelf but not when you wear them.

Hence, you try several designs of frames before buying one. The more you will explore, the more you will be able to find the perfect frame for your eyes that will complement your appearance. Another factor is the lens you will be wearing. All frames won’t be able to carry your lens well. For example, some frames are more fitting for heavier lenses, while others will be more adapted to lighter or thinner lenses. Most frames look good on oval face structure. For round shaped faces, angular and rectangular shaped frames add more definition. If your face is square-shaped you can opt for narrow oval frames. Wide frames like cat-eye or clubmaster shapes are complementary with heart-shaped faces. Glasses2you provides frames suitable for all face structures.

It is essential to receive the greatest out of your lenses, and you love wearing them. If you are wearing them for the first time, you may not know that lens augmentations can give additional bonuses to accomplish a sharp and satisfactory vision.

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How are lens enhancements beneficial?

Lens enhancements such as films can provide anti-reflection, decrease the chance of scratches and also provide protection from UV rays for your eyes.

Lens coatings that make your glasses resistant to scratch can provide further endurance to your lense. This is essential because glass is an accessory that you will be wearing constantly and it is prone to be damaged. It can also be a beneficial add-on for children’s specs.

Lens coatings can also decrease glare and reflections. Glare and reflections commonly occur when you are outdoor in the sun or near water bodies, as the light reflects off the surfaces into your eyes. Lens films can reduce distress from them and improve sightliness so that others can see your eyes.

Shielding your eyes from UV radiation is imperative to sustain healthy vision; excess exposure to the sun causes eye problems such as cataracts. UV protection lens enhancements can decrease the chances of developing cataracts, and they can be implemented to your varifocal eyepieces. Glasses that darken when exposed to the sun are known as photochromic glasses.

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Reasons to Try Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Another enhancement for glasses is blue tint. Cell phone, light bulbs, and even sunshine contain the light of blue wavelength. This blue ray has high energy and can damage our retina. The blue tint enhancement will protect your eyes from this harmful ray and prevent early blindness. Given the high amount of screen time spent in front of devices these days, blue tint on glasses is essential.

Blue-screen glasses help you to focus better and reduce stress on the eyes. Your eyes will be at comfort and feel more awake. It will heighten your productivity and let you perform better at work, during homework or at school. Your eyes will not be affected as much due to too much computer use.

Doctors recommend you to avoid using blue-light devices before going to bed. This point should be noted of course, but tinted glasses will protect your eyes before sleep as well, letting you have a comfortable sleep.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a sort of blindness that occurs in humans due to being overweight/obese, having high blood pressure, smoking habits, and sometimes genetically. Blue-screen/blue-light glasses counter this disorder and the symptoms related to it such as blurred vision. Given so many benefit, there is no reason to not wear prescription glasses that are tinted.

Glasses act as a barrier to protect your eyes from dust and other pollution. Glasses are an accessory that can be worn for fashion and protection of the eyes. They are easy to wear and customizable in various ways. Wearing accurate prescription glasses will prevent you from hurting yourself or others. Spectacles are a must when you are driving. Because anytime a person who requires glasses doesn’t wear them, they can’t function well and might end up injuring themselves or others.

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