Abilities to Look for When Hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing is advertising your business/ services on online platforms and social media sites with the help of content generation, video creation, landing page, email marketing, or even native advertisement to reach the potential customers. Often social media platforms are mainly used for boosting businesses as it is easier to reach a wide base of customers.

Over the past few years, online business operations and digital marketers have gained huge popularity as more and more businesses are shifting their operations online, be it locally or globally. However, although everyone claims themselves to be best, why is it still hard to promote and reach potential customers online? The answer is simple; the marketing strategy is not efficient. You might then be wondering how to choose a better marketing specialist?

Well, this article is going to focus on the abilities you should look for when hiring a digital marketing specialist.


A realistic approach to your marketing problems

They should think objectively and concentrate on the actual possible outcomes instead of overly exaggerating the predicted results. For digital marketing specialists, being objective, prioritizing work, and fulfilling deadlines are of extreme importance as they will be introducing the company and products to the customers through the implementation of various marketing tactics.

Analytical ability

It is a major skill for any marketer; they should know the right metrics of every project and analyze tactically to get the most effective outcomes. The digital strategies along with higher visibilities are must-have for any Small Businesses.


SEO and analytical tools

• Moz is one of the best tools for SEO success. It keeps the marketers to be up to date with Google algorithm changes. It is always immediate at providing necessary pieces of information.

• Google Analytics is indispensable in terms of analysis. It helps with data and web trafficking and also helps prognosticate several changes for the website in the future.

So, a digital marketing specialist should be able to use analytics to forecast future tasks based on the current behavior of the customers and help the business reach out to the customers with the implementation of SEO.

Social media marketing

A digital marketer should have a strong understanding of social platforms and a better understanding of the dynamics of the marketing channel to enhance the company’s e-commerce traffic. Facebook or other social platforms that are being used for the company regularly should be maintained properly to gain popularity about different products and projects.

• There are famous tools to enhance the social media outlook and to connect with other accounts and finds the desired content quickly.

• For social media marketing solutions, these tools are must-haves to update multiple networks at one time. Good communication and listening skills are very necessary to engage with people and let them get involved with sales opportunities.


Bucket testing

Comparability among products and services is another important feature a marketer should have. This is called bucket testing, meaning they should be able to tell which app is working better and which one is not worth having for the company’s projects. With their research, they should know about various parts of technology, and design platform skills are the must-have skills for any digital marketer.

Market segmentation tool:

A marketer needs to have a thorough idea about market segmentation and personalized marketing. Market segmentation is important to find out the customers who are worthy of spending marketing budgets. Based on the segmentation of the customers, personalized marketing and promotions are encouraged.

• Marketers should use Marketo, a very important tool for segmentation. It helps to enhance customer relationship management (CRM) and also engages customers in campaigns to develop quality leads.

• Implementation of the concepts – According to, the big data and neural networks, and surveys can be conducted to segment existing customers properly and predict outcomes for new and potential customers.

Source: Blog Eminence Genéve

Mobile marketing

With everything else, a marketer should know about the media buying process and how to market and reach out to the customers with the help of web app and mobile apps. While working for the development of different media campaigns, they should be able to recognize the interest of customers.

They should know the customers very well to deliberately deliver ads to the channels that interest the target audiences more.

• Before starting any campaigns, marketers should analyze the marketing strategies of the competitors to come up with unique and engaging campaigns. The tool SpyFu gives valuable information about competitions and helps to build a competitive campaign.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is very crucial for any company to promote the business brand and knowledge about the business. Furthermore, working with the other members of the company with leadership and management is important. A good marketer needs to be persuasive with the promotion of the content to convince customers to buy more from their company. It will not only benefit him but also the whole company. The more persuasive the marketer is, the more valuable future he holds in this profession.

Source: Email Marketing platform

Basic software knowledge:

Knowledge of email marketing, newsletters, WordPress, excel proficiency, and PowerPoint skills are obligatory for marketing automation.

Automation tools:

• For marketing automation, Eloqua is the tool that helps marketers to know about the reaction of the customers about the marketing emails they receive.
• SilverPop also helps with automation. It has a UI system that works with the database structure.

Source: tiny Giant Web Solutions

Soft skills:

• Creativity and have a ready wit are important to come up with a new solution to urgent and challenging marketing problems. Any Small Businesses will look for that basic designing skill in a digital marketer so that they can have a dedicated designer for their team.

• Leadership skills and being a team player are very important skills to work in a team. Proper communication and conveying ideas and commands is an essential skill.

As suggested by, if you plan to hire an agency instead of a specialist, do look for companies that offer all the services, starting from webpage designing, logo design alongside small business SEO services.

Technology has made it easier to reach to the customers and receive feedback without any intermediaries or spending extra money. Seeking feedback will help you improve your product and give better services to the customers. The marketers should always campaign to the customers to show their feedbacks matter, and your business has worked on to give better customer satisfaction.

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